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Number Porting

PAC codes or Porting Authorisation Codes will allow you to keep your telephone number when you move from one UK mobile phone network to another. The code itself should contain 3 letters and 6 numbers.

The PAC code procedure has changed several times through its history, largely due to the need to provide a better and speedier service for consumers who are changing mobile phone networks.

2013 PAC Code Essential Facts

There are several things you should know about the process so let’s take a look at the PAC code process here.

  • When you request a PAC code you should receive the code immediately over the telephone or within 2 hours by text.

  • Once you receive your PAC code it is valid for 30 days.

  • If you order a new mobile phone online then under normal circumstances you may wait until the mobile phone has been delivered, that has  a temporary number, after which you may call your new provider with the PAC code or enter the PAC code into an online form.

  • It usually takes just 1 working day to transfer your telephone number if you call before 5.30pm. You should be aware though that no telephone number porting takes place at the weekend or on English Bank Holidays.

  • When you request your PAC code you are essentially asking to end your existing contract. 30 days’ notice is usually required to end your existing contract. So if you use the PAC code on the same day that you give your disconnection notice then you will still have to pay your line rental for the next 30 days.

Ready to Buy a New Mobile Phone?

First of all find the best mobile phone deals with and wait for your brand new handset to be delivered. You may also get your PAC code from your existing network, the telephone numbers are listed below.

Next, complete the online PAC code form with your new network or call them if no online form is available. You will need to know your old telephone number, the temporary telephone number delivered with your new phone and the new SIM card number supplied along with the new phone. The forms and telephone numbers are also listed below.

How to Get your PAC Code

To get your PAC Code simply contact your existing network. To keep things simple the contact information you may need is listed below.

O2 Pay Monthly – 08448 090202 or 202 from your phone

O2 Pay as you Go – 08448 090222 or 4455 from your phone

Vodafone Pay Monthly – 08700 700191 or 191 from your phone

Vodafone Pay as you Go – 08700 776655 or 191 from your phone

Orange Pay Monthly – 07973 100150 or 150 from your phone

Orange Pay as you Go – 07973 100450 or 450 from your phone

Three – 08707 330333 or 333 from your phone

EE – 07953 966250 or 150 from your phone

T-Mobile – 08454 125000 or 150 from your phone

Virgin – 08456 000789 or 789 from your phone

Give your PAC Code to your new Network

To make keeping your telephone number as easy as possible we have placed below direct access to the online PAC code forms or telephones numbers.

O2 – Keep my number form

Vodafone – Bring your number from another network pay monthly - Consumer

Vodafone – Bring your number from another network pay monthly – Small Business

Orange – Call 0800 3762285 or 150 from your new mobile phone

Three – Bring your number to Three form

EE – Call 07953 966250 or 150 from your new mobile phone

T-Mobile – Call 08454 123123 or 150 from your new mobile phone

Virgin – Call 08456 000789

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