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Everyone wants to find the best mobile phone deal but this presents the consumer with a difficult challenge.

You could walk from mobile phone shop to mobile phone shop and sometimes if you want to see the phones or even have an in store demo then this is great. But this is a very time consuming way to find the best phone deals and as almost everyone knows the very best deals and exclusive offers are to be found online.

The best online mobile phone comparison sites like bring every deal under one roof and there are over 600,000 deals currently in the UK market. With this in mind we have several top tips on how to find the best mobile phone deal.

In this article we will take a look at the following;

  • How to find a deal on

  • Cashback deals

  • Free phones

  • SIM only deals

  • Still confused?

  • More Focus On articles

How to find a deal on

The website has been designed to make finding a deal as easy as possible.

As illustrated in the image below you can click on Find Your Deal or Mobile Phone Deals.

Mobile Phone Deals

Find Your Deal allows you to answer a series of questions to find a deal and this option is particularly useful if you don’t know which phone or tariff you would like.

Mobile Phone Deals opens up the deal finder and you can enter the make and model of the phone you are searching for to get deals just on that phone.

The filter options sit below the Mobile Phone Deals box and these can be used to further narrow your search by selecting filters such as how many free texts, minutes and data usage you may want along with handset cost, network and manufacturer if you haven’t searched for a specific phone.

Cashback deals

​The standard cashback deal can be a valuable addition to a mobile phone deal but you must remember that these are normally offered via redemption in 5 stages. This will require you to send by ‘signed for 1st class mail’ 5 bills on 5 occasions spread throughout the contract term.

If you are likely to forget to do this (there is a time period in which you must claim) then maybe a deal without cashback would be better. This is particularly true if the cashback tariff line rental is more than you would have paid for a non cashback tariff that meets your usage needs.

A really good cashback deal will often offer £100, £200 or more. You should however consider whether the tariff is right for you. There is no point taking a deal that will not have enough free mins etc. to cover your usage as the cost for calls outside your free time will be 30-40ppm and can easily exceed the value of a cashback deal.

Top Tip – Look out for cashback deals described as automatic cashback. These are automatic as the name suggests so you don’t need to claim. These deals save a lot effort on your part and can make one of those low value cashback deals a great mobile phone deal.  You can find these deals easily by selecting the Automatic Cashback filter on our Mobile Phone Deals page.

Free phones

Free Phone DealsIs a free phone always the best deal? The answer to this is sometimes. I recently discussed this with a consumer who used our Book A Consultation form (a free service we offer via email or phone).

I would like to say there is a hard and fast rule as to which option is most cost effective but there isn’t. Let’s look at an example of an O2 contract with the Sony Xperia Z with unlimited mins & texts and 2GB of data;

Pay £0.00 today followed by 24 payments of £20 = £480

Pay £79.99 today followed by 24 payments of £15 = £439.99

Pay £249.99 today followed by 24 payments of £10 = £489.99

Pay £600.00 today followed by 24 payments of £0 = £600

As you can see the cheapest way to purchase this mobile phone is via the second option and not via the free phone route.

SIM only deals

There are many SIM only contracts on the market and if you have an existing phone that you still like then this is a great way to get a reduced line rental. The line rental is reduced because you are not paying back the value of a free phone via your monthly rental. With this option you should remember to order the right SIM card as some phone like the iPhone use micro-SIMs.

Still confused?

Focus on deals​If you still need help finding the best deal for you then complete our free consultation request form and we will offer all of the assistance you may need either over the phone or via email, the choice is yours!

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Written by: Michael Brown

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