Flexible Smartphones

When will the first flexible smartphone be released?

Are fully bendable smartphones on the way? Makers such as Lenovo, Samsung, and the Chinese start-up Moxi have announced their plans to release flexible handsets very soon – so flexible, in fact, that you could roll them up, and wrap them around your wrist like a watch.

Of course, flexible smartphones already exist to an extent: LG’s G Flex and G Flex 2 feature a curved back and screen, which can be bent straight without any damage to the internal components. However, most handsets available on the market are completely straight, and will most definitely break if too much pressure is applied on them. (Also, remember the iPhone 6 Plus and Bendgate?)

What can we expect from bendable phones? We take a look at the biggest upcoming releases.

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Lenovo Flexible Smartphone

During its Tech World event in San Francisco, Lenovo revealed their plans for the CPlus, a flexible smartphone which can be wrapped around the wrist and used like a wearable device. This is still in development, and we can’t say when it’ll be available to purchase.

The smartphone features a flexible display, back, and internal hardware, allowing it to completely fold outwards. It is expected to run on Android and boast a 4.26” display – although it should come in two sizes.

Have a look at the CPlus in action:

The CPlus is not in production for now, and no official release date has been announced so far.

Samsung Bendable Handsets

Samsung is allegedly working on a flexible, foldable smartphone, which is expected to be released in 2017. Earlier this year, the company filed a patent for a phone with a rollable screen, which users could pull out to expand. Here’s what this could look like: Will we see this on the Samsung galaxy S8?

Samsung roll-up display

Rumours are flying around that Samsung is planning to release two flexible handsets at Mobile World Congress in February 2017, but nothing has been made official just yet. Watch this space; we’ll update you as soon as we get more information.

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Moxi Group Flexible Devices

A Chinese startup, named Moxi Group, is planning to release their own bendable handset later this year – and not unlike the CPlus, the device will be able to bend all the way around and be fastened to the wrist like a watch.

The screen will be in black and white, using the same kind of display as Kindle e-readers, and be made out of graphene to allow it to bend. The device will look a lot like the CPlus, with a long, thin display and a large battery pack at the bottom. Have a look at it here:

Moxi flexible smartphone

The Moxi phone is expected to come out at the end of the year and will cost £520 – only 100,000 devices will be shipped out at first, and international distribution will not be available. We’ll have to wait for the second wave of handsets to get our hands on the world’s first fully flexible smartphone.

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