Five Things You Didn't Know About the Samsung Galaxy S5

Five Things... S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been flying off the shelves since it was released, with plenty of us loving all of the handset’s brand new features and awesome specs.

But what features does the handset have which you might not happen to know about?

Well we've got a quick guide through some of the S5's features, so if you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5, maybe you should take a quick look at these hidden gems!

Changing Folder Colours

Not a massive feature by any means, but changing the folder colours is a great feature if you want to customise your handset to as high a level as possible.

Changing Folder Colours S5

It’s incredibly simple to do as well, all you have to do is go to the folder of your choice, tap the dotted button at the top right, and then take your pick out of the five colours you’re given.

This then changes the design of the inside and outside of the folder, which is great if you like plenty of colour on your home screen, or even better if you fancy colour co-ordinating your apps.

Easy Mode

Is the S5 a bit too complicated for you? Well Samsung has got the perfect option to help you out if it is, and that option is Easy Mode.

Easy Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

To turn on Easy Mode, you have to go to settings > personalisation > Easy Mode.

From here you can turn on the feature and choose which apps are accessible from the home screen.

Once activated, the home screen will display large app icons to all the features you select, to make navigation that much easier.

So if you’re struggling to find your way on the Samsung Galaxy S5, maybe you should give Easy Mode a try.

Crying Baby Detector

If you’re a parent or a babysitter, the Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts a very handy crying baby detection feature for you to use.

Crying Baby Detector S5

To turn on this feature go to setting > personalisation > accessibility > hearing > Baby Crying Detector.

When you activate this feature, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will vibrate to warn you that your child is crying.

This isn’t to say that you should leave your child unattended for excessive amounts of time, but if you have something crop up when you’re looking after an infant, this feature is extremely handy.

Still got a Samsung Galaxy S4? Well we've got five handy features for the S4 as well! 

Increase Touch Sensitivity

This is the perfect feature if you have a light touch or are often wearing gloves, increasing the touch sensitivity of your Galaxy S5 to make the handset even easier to use on the go.

S5 Increasing Touch Sensitivity

To make your handset super-responsive, all you have to do is go to settings > display > increase touch sensitivity.

This will immediately make the touch screen more responsive, allowing you to navigate the handset at higher speeds, and letting you to use the smartphone with gloves of any kind.

So if you fancy keeping your fingers toasty whilst using your smartphone, you should definitely try out increasing the S5’s touch screen sensitivity.

One Handed Operation

We all seem to love our bigger screens at the moment, but there are always going to be moments where we can’t handle to whole display.

One handed operation on the Galaxy S5

One way to counter this is by using one handed operation mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5, and it’s incredibly easy to set-up.

All you have to do is go to settings > sound and display > one handed operation.

Once you turn on the feature, you only have to make a quick touch screen gesture to shrink the display to a more manageable size.

You can even move it around to help out all you leftys as well!

So, those are just five of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s most secretive features, make sure to try them all out if they seem useful to you.

Of course if you know of any secret features we might have missed, you can let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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