Five Things You Didn't Know About Windows Phone

Five Things You Didn't Know About... Windows Phone

Have you got a Windows Phone running on the latest operating system? Then you can find out five things we think you might not know about your phone right here.

Built in Shazam

Hearing a song but want to know who sings it? If you have an Apple or Google powered phone, you would need to download an app and hope it works in time before the song ends. Not the case with your Windows Phone:

Simply open up your search page > press the small music note at the bottom

Your phone will then instantly scour the internet to find exactly what song you are listening to and match it to an artist for you.

Bing Audio

Bing Translator

An app that makes travelling foreign lands 10 times easier. Bing Translator, once downloaded, can translate any sign, menu or page into plain English almost instantly.

Download Bing Translator from the store > Open the app > Point your phone at foreign language

The App instantly analyses the language and translates it on the screen to the Queens’ English.

Great for making sure you don’t end up ordering snails when on a French holiday!

One Step Power Saver

Tired of charging your phone constantly? The Windows phone has an answer! You can turn on battery saver mode to simply and easily cut out all the juice draining apps from running in the background.

Simply go to settings > Battery Saver Mode > Turn On.

The setting will also ensure your emails and apps don’t sync in the background, and tell you how long the phone is estimated to last, and when you last had it charged to avoid any awkward situations where you need to borrow your best friends’ phone.

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Advanced Calculator

Got a seriously intense maths problem to tackle which a regular calculator can’t handle? Not to worry, Windows Phone has another simple and easy to use solution, giving you a scientific calculator on your phone.

To open the scientific calculator, go to Calculator > Turn the phone landscape

The phone will reveal its entire set of scientific buttons, perfect for handling that tricky physics problem when on the move.

Selective Location Sharing

Trying to let someone know where you are but not doing a good job of it? Then this final nugget of knowledge will forever solve that problem.

When texting > Press the Paperclip/Attachment Button > Select My Location

When you send that message it will tell the recipient exactly where you are with a handy thumbnail picture of the map, which they can open and move around.

Never again will you need to give a friend a vague description of your location when meeting up.

What are your thoughts on these five things? Did you know about them? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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