Five Things You Didn't Know About the LG G4


LG’s latest flagship smartphone has been on the market for a good while now, providing good looks and powerful specs for Android lovers across the globe.

However, even with the phone being with us for so long already, there could still be some features which you’re yet to pick up on. So, if you’re after some extra smartphone features on your G4 handset, maybe you should give these a go!

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Hide Lock Screen Notifications

Sometimes our notifications should be kept private!

Sometimes having notifications pop up on our lock screen is brilliant, it can provide us with a snippet of information which can often save us from opening up our phones numerous times each hour.

However, if you don’t fancy sharing your notifications with the rest of the room then this can prove quite an infringement on your privacy – but there is a way to make sure that you don’t happen to share your messages with anyone else.

To hide your lock screen notifications you have to go to Settings > Sound and Notifications > Notifications on lock screen.

From here you can alter which notifications pop up when you’re screen is locked, whether you disable them all or just your more important apps is up to you. Either way, your privacy is protected much more with this feature turned on!

Activate Smart Lock

Smart Lock is the smartest security feature available!

Whilst security is definitely a very important part of our smartphones, it isn’t required everywhere, and that’s where LG’s Smart Lock feature comes into play on the G4.

Essentially, it works by using Bluetooth and location services to determine if your phone is in a safe place. For example, you can select your home on location services and then when you’re there you won’t need to unlock your device with your passcode, simple!

To activate this helpful feature you’ll need to go to Settings > Lock Screen > Smart Lock.

Here you’ll be able to activate the service and select where it goes into action. It will then ensure that security is at its best when you’re out and about, but won’t bother you at home or at work.

Quick Launch Camera

The LG G4 can take a picture faster than most other phones...

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Ever missed a photo opportunity thanks to a slow loading user interface? Well if you have an LG G4 then this shouldn’t be causing you any problems, with the Quick Launch camera feature offering you a way of taking a picture faster than ever before!

It works by utilising the physical buttons on the back of the G4 as well as the software behind the scenes which is dedicated to improving camera speed and quality.

To activate the Quick Launch camera you only have to point your phone at your desired snap and double press the volume down button.

This will make the G4 go to the camera app in just 0.07s and will take a photo in focus as well, meaning that those time sensitive snaps are always available to be captured. Props has to go to the Laser Autofocus feature on the G4 as well, which ensures that snaps are always in focus, and at a quick pace as well.

Automatically Save Data with Hotspots

Even when you're out and about you can ensure you have Wi-Fi!

Mobile data is a valuable resource for smartphone users, whether you’re on pay as you go or on contract, nowadays it’s typically our data tariffs which are most strained. LG knows this, and is offering you a way to help keep your tariff safe, by automatically connecting to mobile hotspots.

It does this by recognising hotspots you’ve previously connected to, and then reconnecting to help you keep your 4G data safe when you’re out and about.

To set it up you’ll need to go to Settings > Mobile Data > then hit the three dots in the corner of the display > Mobile Hotspots.

Once you’ve connected to the hot spots in range your G4 will recognise it the next time you happen to be around it and automatically connect. Admittedly, it won’t save you gigabytes of data, but it will save some megabytes each month!

Improve Call Quality

Make sure you get the best call quality with the G4!

Hearing people over the phone isn’t always the easiest task in the world, especially when people decide to call when you happen to be undergoing some extraordinarily noisy task.

However, with the G4 there’s a way to ensure you have the best chances of hearing someone – by utilising the improved call quality feature that LG has packed into the phone.

To improve your call quality, you’ll need to go to Call Log > hit those three dots in the corner > Call Settings > Turn on Noise Suppression and Voice Clarity.

With this done, you should be getting some better audio quality in your future phone calls, regardless of who you happen to be chatting with. It makes us wonder why LG doesn’t just turn these on as standard…

So, there you have just five of the features we reckon you might not have known about! Did you know about them? Or do you have some more? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield

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