Five Things You Didn't Know About the HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Tips and Tricks

HTC’s latest flagship smartphone is here and looks like it could be one of the leading smartphones of 2015. But as is the case with all new phones, there are plenty of features for us to play with – and now and then, some of the best slip under the radar.

So, as a way of keeping you in touch with all of the HTC features that are included with the One M9, we’ve found five of the more secretive features worth using on the M9. If you’ve been struggling getting to grips with the new HTC smartphone, why not give these tips and tricks a go?

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Activate Pocket Mode

Now you're guaranteed to hear when someone's calling!

Are you hard of hearing? Let’s face it, we all have selective hearing issues from time to time – with our smartphones often getting ignored for conversations with friends or stints in front of the TV. However, HTC has come up with an ingenious way of remedying this with a feature called Pocket Mode.

To activate it, you need to go to Settings > Sound and Notification > Pocket Mode.

The mode will then figure out exactly when your HTC One M9 is in your pocket or bag, and ensure that its notifications make a louder noise to guarantee that you’ll hear it. No more missed phone calls for us then!

Create a Theme

Now you can create your own theme to make your HTC One M9 unique!

One of the brand new features which came with Sense 7 is the ability to create a theme for your HTC One M9 phone. It doesn’t take too long to do and can help turn your phone into a more unique accessory that matches your style.

To change your theme you have to go to Themes > My Themes > press the + icon in the top right corner.

From here you can get going to create a theme which you have the full input with. This means that you aren’t stuck with those same old pre-set efforts brought to us by HTC anymore!

Change the Navigation Buttons

Did you know that you can now have up to 4 navigation buttons with the HTC One M9?

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Until now we were given three navigation buttons to make use of at the bottom of our HTC smartphone displays. These were made up of the back, home and multi-tasking buttons, all of which were locked in place and daren’t move. But now HTC is doing things a bit differently, offering you a way of shaking off the shackles!

To change your navigation buttons go to Settings > Personalise > Change Navigation Buttons.

Once you’ve done this you can switch buttons in and out, as well as even adding a fourth button if you see fit. The options include auto-rotate, hiding the navigation bar, quick settings, notifications and even a button which turns the screen off!

Get rid of HTC Bloatware

If your home screen is clogged up with bloatware, why not hide some of those pesky apps?

A pain we all have to deal with regardless of which manufacturer we pick. Bloatware is series of apps which are forced upon you by the smartphone manufacturer. Serial offenders tend to include apps which cover stocks and shares, as well as numerous others which normally get tucked away in a random folder or page. But HTC has found a better solution…

To hide bloatware go to the apps menu > hit the 3 dot icon (top right) > press Hide/Unhide Apps.

This should give you access to a list of apps which you can now choose to hide or unhide from your home screen. This means that you can finally open up some extra space to ensure the apps you want are all easy to access. So whilst you might not be able to delete them, at least you can ensure that they aren’t in plain sight!

Get Remote Support

HTC is now offering you a helping hand with the One M9

Sometimes we all face a problem with our phone which even Google doesn’t have the answer to. That’s when remote support from HTC will come in handy – much like Mayday on the Amazon Fire Phone, it allows HTC technical services to remotely access your phone to help fix your problems.

To get remote support go to the Help app > Still Having Trouble > Contact HTC.

From here you can get access to technical support which will help you get to the core of any issues you happen to be having, and hopefully fix the issue. So, if you’re no good trying to fix your phone, this little-known feature should have HTC do it for you!

So, what do you make of these five secret features? Did you know about them already? If so, let us know your own suggested tips and tricks on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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