Five Things You Didn't Know About Siri

Five Things You Didn't Know About... Siri

Siri is a great companion for iPhone users, not only is it packed with information, but Siri is actually a bit of a joker if you know what to ask it.

We’re here to guide you through what you can say to Siri to draw out a bit more of a comical response from him…

1.Make me a sandwich

Fancy something to eat? Unfortunately Siri isn’t exactly the Gordon Ramsey of the technological world; it won’t be able to cook anything for you, but it can come up with a pretty good comeback.

Can Siri really make us a sandwich?

It doesn’t say it can’t make your food; just that he’s not permitted to… Apple, please let Siri make our food!

2.Who let the dogs out?

Siri certainly isn’t a musician; it can play some of the music you have stored on your iPhone, but can’t sing for you, until now.

Who let the dogs out Siri?

If you ask Siri this question, it’ll come out with the classic Baha Men lyrics: Who? Who? Who? Who?

Safe to say that even Siri doesn’t know exactly who let those pesky dogs out…

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3.Where do babies come from?

The question no parent ever wants to face and by far one of the trickiest questions in the world for most normal people to answer, but don’t worry, Siri’s got it on lock.

Does Siri know where babies come from?

It simply replies with the brutally honest answer: “their mothers…”

4.What’s the best phone?

Not the question you should ask your current smartphone. It could quite easily damage Siri’s confidence if it knows that you are looking to upgrade and sell it on, so it just lets this question slide by playing dumb.

What is the best phone, Siri?

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5.What’s your favourite colour?

This is a pretty simple question, and you’d think you’d get a pretty simple response, but not with Siri, it simply overcomplicates things and hints at speaking another language.

What is Siri's favourite colour?

C’mon Siri, we only wanted to know what colour to set our background!

Depending on how much you’ve used Siri you may get several different responses, as Apple is expanding the answers it gives for questions like this.

Either way you will get some great responses and shouldn’t be disappointed!

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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