Five Things You Didn’t Know About Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop

The latest smartphone operating system on the market to date, Android Lollipop has already begun finding its way onto plenty of smartphones since its conception.

But with every new system comes a tonne of new features for us to use, many of which don’t quite get the coverage they deserve.

So, to help you out with your new operating system, we’ve decided to show you five features from Android Lollipop that you probably didn’t know about!

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Battery Saver Mode

Similar to the Ultra Power Saving Mode on the later Samsung smartphones, this Android battery saver offers to make your smartphone last a full 90 minutes longer than normal.

Is the Battery Saver feature the best from Android Lollipop?

To activate the setting, swipe down with 2 fingers on the home screen > tap battery > go to the menu (the three dots in the top right corner) > select battery saver.

From here you’ll be able to alter exactly what the feature does to save battery, like limiting vibrations, and also choose when it gets activated.

If it does as it says, this could well be one of the best Android Lollipop features, and hopefully one which will be utilised by smartphone users across the globe.

Flappy Bird Android Game

For those of you who didn’t hear about it, Flappy Bird was a mobile game which took the world by storm in 2014, but boasted its fair share of legal issues. It got pulled down and put back up, and is now available on the app store for good. But Android has also given us a version of the game to play.

Will you be using the hidden Flappy Bird game on Android Lollipop?

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Go to Settings > About phone > Tap Android version until a Lollipop appears > press down on the lollipop to start the game!

After doing this, you should be right into the game, which is notably harder than the original Flappy Bird version. It might not be particularly useful, but if you ever get bored it’s a nice way to pass the time!

Ambient Display

An incredibly user-friendly feature which has been shown off on some other user interfaces in recent years, Ambient Display wakes your phone up when you lift it up or receive a notification.

What's your take on Ambient Display?

To use the feature, go to Settings > Display > Activate Ambient Display.

It makes unlocking your phone that little bit easier, and even lets you double tap notifications to head straight to them when they arrive!

Improved Face Unlock

Not exactly a new feature on Android Lollipop, Face Unlock has actually been around for a while on the Google operating system, it just hasn’t worked very well, until now.

Is Face Unlock a feature you're looking forward to?

To activate it go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock (You have to have a password or lock activated to use it though).

It works by recognising your face and then unlocking your phone, and can be improved in the settings menu as well, so if you grow a bit more facial hair or stick on some glasses, it will still recognise you!

Tap and Go!

A super-practical feature for smartphone upgraders, Tap and Go ensures that all of your previous Android information is brought across to your Android Lollipop smartphone.

Will you use Tap and Go to get started with your Android Lollipop device?

To get it going simply tap both of your NFC capable phones together > Sign in to your Google Account > Select what you want brought across to your new phone.

It works quickly and easily, and gets rid of all the hassle which normally associates itself from a change of phones. Obviously, NFC is required in both devices, something which could be an issue for some, but in the future could well be commonplace.

So there you have it, some of the best features of Android 5.0 Lollipop you might not have known about!

Be sure to try them out, and of course, if you have any more tips and tricks for the operating system, be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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