Bigger is Better! Five Reasons to get a Phablet!

Why should your next phone be a phablet?

With Samsung continuing its trend of phablet domination after announcing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at IFA this month, we were left wondering whether bigger does actually mean better.

So, what reasons can we give you to make the move up from your standard smartphone to a super-sized phablet?

Lucky for you, we’ve found five great reasons to consider upsizing, so if you’re stuck in smartphone limbo and don’t know which way to go, this might be worth taking a look at!

Big Screen Experience!

The transformation of our mobile phones has been a drastic one to say the least. They started off like bricks, downsized to almost laughable sizes, and now they’re on their way back up.

This comes in thanks to the development of media on our handheld devices, with movies, games and pictures taking precedent over text messaging and calls.

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With a larger screen games are more immersive, and users aren’t left focusing onto a tiny patch of pixels to watch a film, even the likes of browsing the web is made far easier with a larger display to work with.

Put it this way, would you rather have a nice view of all your media, with an easy way to use your phablet, or struggle to work a smaller device?

Would you like a larger screen to view your movies on?

Phablet Stylus Fun

Let’s face it, having a stylus is pretty cool, regardless of whether you use it or not. Phablets offer a great medium for us to actually put these intuitive bits of kit to work.

Sending a text can actually be made easier using handwriting technology implemented through stylus for example, so it isn’t just cool, it’s actually productive as well.

Also, apps like Snapchat or Draw Something can be improved greatly by using this small pen-like object.

But one of the best stylus features we’ve seen is the S-Pen from Samsung, which gives you access to plenty of features all through the stylus.

When it comes down to it, a stylus is the ideal companion to any phablet and they’re really a great little accessory to use as well.

Would you use a stylus like the S-Pen on the Note 4?

Super Powered Spec Sheet

With a bigger screen comes a bigger set of specs, and that’s not something you’ll catch us complaining about anytime soon.

The recently announced Galaxy Note 4 for example packs a whopping 4GB RAM and an octa-core chipset. Let’s see who fancies competing with that then shall we?

Not only does this make the phone look as flashy as possible, but it makes the handset faster than ever and incredibly easy to use, something that can’t be said of some budget smartphones out there.

Sure, you might end up spending a few quid more, but in the long run it’s definitely worth the price!

Do you know of many smartphones that can overpower a phablet?

No Need for a Tablet!

If you decide to opt for a phablet instead of a phone, it might cost more on the front of it, but it also means you won’t need to shell out for a tablet to accompany your phone.

Packing many of the features of a tablet, a phablet can not only act as a great smartphone, but also makes those larger devices obsolete as well, effectively merging both pieces of kit into one.

So, instead of paying up for your smartphone contract and then splashing some more cash on that tablet, why not save yourself some money and opt for a phablet instead?

Why spend cash on a tablet when a phablet can do the job instead?

Beautiful Phablet Design

With the growth of our screens, we’ve also seen a noticeable improvement in the way phablets are designed, quickly becoming one of the better looking pieces of hardware on the market.

Take the likes of the Note 4, LG G Pro 2 or LG G3 Stylus, all three of these phablets look superb, and that comes down to the superb mix of size and style.

So, not only does the phablet offer a great sized screen, practical uses and unmatched specs, it’s also one of the best looking devices on the mobile market right now, and ticks every box.

You can't find many better looking phones than the Galaxy Note 4


There you have it, five reasons why you should be seriously considering a phablet as your next phone.

They offer a beautiful display, a stylus to play with, super specs, great design, and you won’t need to splash the cash on a tablet as well! Need we say more?

What are your thoughts on phablets? Will you be grabbing one when your contract is up? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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