5 Reasons Why iOS 10 could be the best OS yet

iOS 10

Almost as eagerly anticipated as the yearly iPhone launch, the all new iOS software is often savoured and enjoyed. This year is no different, with Apple’s new operating system already getting iPhone and iPad users around the world drooling.

But why is iOS 10 looking like the best operating system to date? We’ve got five reasons which should tell you why.

Messages are better than ever

Now you can send an animation with your message...

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One of the most commonly used iPhone apps is getting a major upgrade with iOS 10, and that’s the pre-installed messages app. Being one of the most popular apps on the phone, there are plenty of people who use it, and now they’ll have the chance to use it in even more ways than ever before.

Offering real-time handwriting, message delivery animations, hidden messages and instant responses (among other things), messages have changed for good.

What’s more, you can really get the emotions flowing with automatic emoji text replacement, downloadable message stickers and even more messaging apps. This makes messaging as intuitive as we’ve ever seen it before, helping one up the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger on future iPhone handsets.

Mapping the Future…

One Apple feature which always seemed to be a step behind was Maps, but iOS 10 might just have turned the tables on its performance. Now, your Apple Maps app can take table reservations at restaurants or search along your current driving route to let you know where you can next fill up your petrol tank or grab a bite to eat.

Add to this Apple’s new Street Smarter feature, which makes proactive suggestions for where you are likely to go and the fastest way to get there, and you’re onto a winner.

So, whilst Maps might’ve been an afterthought in previous years, now it seems that it could be one of the biggest improvements that comes with iOS 10.

Home is where your iPhone is

Ever wanted to unlock your door with your phone? You can do it now...

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Smart homes aren’t a big thing yet, but as Apple normally does – it’s predicting the future. Clearly it thinks that internet connected homes are the next major advancement for our smartphones.

The new Home app which comes included with iOS 10 is designed to help you stay connected with your goings on at home. Letting you control lighting, locks and even your thermostat – without stepping inside your house.

Of course, you’ll need smart-ready accessories to link your iPhone with, but if you’re happy splashing the cash on it then you could be ready to take the next step into the future with iOS 10 in tow.

Wakey, Wakey!

What’s always been annoying about iPhone’s is when you want to check something simple like the time or date. Until now we’ve always been forced to hit the lock or home button to wake the device up, wasting precious seconds which could be spent more wisely.

You can kiss this problem goodbye now, with iOS 10 offering to wake up your iPhone in much quicker fashion.

By simply picking up your iPhone, it will wake up and show off the time and notifications you might’ve missed whilst you were away. Simply enough, you’ll have a much more streamlined experience if you like to screen those text messages…

Much More Music…

Is iOS 10 bringing the best way to listen to music on a phone?

Apple Music has been one of the biggest hits of recent times for iOS, and with this next instalment we’re seeing some improvements.

The biggest change comes with the new design, which promises to be easier to use and simpler to work through. This was always a slight niggle when the software first launched, with some fans finding things a little bit too confusing to work with.

One other feature which has been included is lyrical support- letting you see the lyrics as you’re listening to your music. Whilst this may sound like a trivial addition, it’s perfect for those of us who can’t quite remember all of the words or like to perform a bit of an impromptu karaoke.

So, what’s your favourite feature that’s coming with iOS 10? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.