Five LG Modules that could be perfect for the G5

LG G5 Modules

This year the LG G5 stunned plenty of smartphone fans and aficionados alike when it was launched as the first mainstream modular device at MWC. Beating every other manufacturer to the punch, the G5 boasts the ability to swap features in and out via the back of the phone – with the company showing a few of the modules off at launch.

It got us thinking, what modules would we really like to see make their way into the G5’s collection? Here are five LG friends we think could be really successful…

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A Games Controller Module

Gaming is no longer restricted to consoles and PCs. In fact, smartphones are now one of the most used gaming mediums in the world, thanks to the millions upon millions of apps that fill online stores for low prices.

But whilst touch screens are all well and dandy, having some extra peripherals to make use of for more intense games are much more user-friendly. So, if LG offered up a gaming attachment for the G5 it could prove very successful.

A Bigger, Better Battery

Could we get a better battery for the LG G5?

Until the human race develops a way to make batteries last for months and months without a recharge, we have to put up with plugging in our phones on a daily basis. However, LG could remedy this somewhat by offering up a huge battery attachment as an additional module.

By offering up a battery life that’s twice or three times the size of the G5’s normal juice pack, the module could have the phone last up to the best part of a week with conservative use. This would help G5 users avoid getting tied down to plug sockets when they need their phones most.

How about a Smartphone Projector?

It might be slightly farfetched, but smartphone projectors have been hinted about for several years now, and by creating a module that would work on the G5, LG could create another world first. Offering you the chance to project video and images onto a surface, the technology could be useful for things like conferences and meetings.

It might prove to be a hefty drain on the G5’s battery, but if it was to include a big enough battery with it, you could make use of the module for sustained periods. So whilst it might be further off than the other modules we’ve touched on, it would still be pretty cool.

A Wireless Charger

Where's the wireless battery, LG?

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We were a bit surprised not to see this feature included in the G5 as standard, but by adding a module that allows for wireless charging it could help the handset’s users no ends. Ridding the G5 of the need for wires, you’ll be able to place the G5 with its new module attached on a charge plate and not have worry about plugging it in any longer.

This might not be the most revolutionary module we’ve suggested, but in terms of practicality and user-friendliness it’s one which a lot of G5 users can get on board with.

A Xenon Camera

We aren’t moaning about the quality of the LG G5’s current camera, but we’re still waiting to see a camera which matches up well with the one which featured on the Nokia Lumia 1020 – xenon flash and all. By offering a camera module that is designed for higher quality images with the more powerful flash, LG will have offered up a successor.

Working perfectly regardless of low light situations, the G5’s camera module could be the best smartphone camera ever. Whilst it might be costly, we still feel that fans of the G5 would splash the cash to help boost the quality of their Instagram feeds by such an amount.

Another manufacturer claiming to break the mould on the camera is HTC with their newly named HTC 10 phone you could also see as an alternative to the G5.

So, which of these modules would you most like to see? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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