4G on EE! Which Phone Should I get?

Will you be buying a 4G phone from EE?

One of the biggest names in the business, EE has become the UK leader in 4G coverage, merging together Orange and T-Mobile to create a superfast service.

But if you’re after a 4G deal with EE and the iPhone 6, what phone should you get? Well luckily for you, we’re here to offer a helping hand!

So, if you’re struggling to make a call on exactly which deal you should go for to get the superfast 4G network that EE has to offer, make sure you give this a quick read!

iPhone 5s- Unlimited Texts and calls, 5GB data- £43.99/month

Should you grab the latest iPhone on 4G with EE?

This is a real powerhouse deal with one of the best phones on the market from EE. It might not be the cheapest, costing upward of £40/month, but it gives you an unmatched tariff for a free handset.

With iOS 7 under the hood, along with TouchID and all of Apple’s superb specs, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 5s, especially with 4G coverage across the country.

So, if you’re looking to splash out on a top of the range phone with superfast coverage, why not consider this EE deal?

Sony Xperia Z1- Unlimited texts, 1000 mins, 1GB Data- £19.99/month

Is the Sony Xperia Z1 the answer to your 4G woes?

One of the most affordable 4G deals on the market, the Xperia Z1 isn’t the latest handset, but its specs still make it one of the most powerful smartphones up for grabs.

For just £20/month, you get more than enough calls, texts and data to last you the month, and with the Z1’s beautiful style, you’ll look the part as well.

If you’re after a cheaper 4G deal with EE, you can’t do much better than this brilliant deal!

Samsung Galaxy S4- Unlimited texts, 500 mins, 500MB Data- £24.99/month

Should you grab yourself the Samsung Galaxy S4?

If you’re an Android loving textaholic, this could well be the perfect deal for you, and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg either!

Packing one of the best Galaxy S handsets from Samsung, you’re guaranteed the best specs and highest speeds from a great looking device.

You might be a bit low on the data and calls, so if you’re an internet addict or frequent caller, you could go for something else, but if you value your text messaging this could be a match made in heaven.

Nokia Lumia 1020- Unlimited texts, 500 mins, 500MB Data- £24.99/month

Would you buy a Nokia Lumia 1020 on EE?

With arguably the best camera of any smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a great 4G handset, and with a tariff like this, it’s a proven all-round hit.

Plus, it runs on Windows Phone 8.1, one of the up and coming operating systems, which looks truly superb.

Its 41 megapixel camera should convince you if you’re on the fence, especially if you’re a massive photography fan.

LG G3- Unlimited texts, 1000 mins, 1GB Data- £30.99/month

Are you tempted by the LG G3?

If you’re after one of the latest releases then this last deal is right down your alley, giving you an LG G3 for just £31/month with no up-front cost.

You get unlimited texts, 1000 mins and 1GB data to keep you going on LG’s latest handset as well, meaning you aren’t paying top dollar for a barely usable tariff either.

It shouldn’t take too much work to tempt you into getting the G3, seeing as it’s LG’s best handset to date, but with EE’s fabulous 4G coverage you’ll have some of the best speeds in the business.


So there you have it, just five of the best deals you can find if you’re after a 4G contract with EE. Not too shabby if you ask us! Of course, you can check out more of our EE deals here!

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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