8 Easy DIY Phone Cases

Pimp your case with some nail varnish.

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From protection to fashion, a phone case serves many purposes. However, they can sometimes be quite expensive – especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to change it often.

One of the easiest ways to personalise your phone is to get a transparent plastic case. By itself, it isn’t the most eye-catching thing, but simply slide a colourful piece of paper between the case and the back of your phone, and you’re ready to go, there are thousands of mobile phone accessories in the UK to choose from.

For the more artistically minded, there’s also the option of directly painting your plastic case – it can be as easy as getting a bottle of nail varnish out. Stock up on clear phone cases now, because you won’t be able to stop changing your phone’s look.

Here are 8 easy tutorials to help you DIY the perfect phone case!

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Nail Varnish Case

Now you can only wear matching varnish on your nails.

Put these old bottles of nail varnish to good use, and decorate your phone with some polka dots.

Find the tutorial here.

Glitter Case

Toast? No, DIY glitter phone case.

It’s a fact: everybody loves glitter. Sprinkle some fairy dust on your case and make every phone call a little more glamourous.

Full tutorial here.

Pressed Flowers Case

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

It’s so easy - all you need to do is glue dried flowers to the back of a white or clear plastic case.

Full tutorial here.

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Map Case

This will go perfectly with the 'wanderlust' tattoo we got in Thailand.

For the travellers out there: simply cut out an old map and slide it into your clear case. Visiting New York for the first time? Decorate your phone with a map of the subway, so you’ll never get lost.

Full tutorial here.

Geometric case

No maths involved here, thank God.

Simple and colourful. Download this tutorial’s printables or make your own.

Studded Case

This just screams punk rock.

For an edgier look, add some metal studs to a black silicone case.

Find the tutorial here.

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Leather Envelope Case

It's like a little sleeping bag just for your phone.

If you can stitch, you can make this classy leather envelope case for your phone.

Full tutorial here.

Temporary Tattoo Case

Needles hurt, okay? Temporary tattoos are the only way.

Remember temporary tattoos? They were so fun to apply with a sponge and a little bit of water! You can give your phone an edgy look in just a few minutes, and maybe yourself too – for old time’s sake.

Full tutorial here.

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