Sub-Zero! The coolest smartphone concepts ever!

Coolest smartphones ever

The words cool and smartphone sit in synchrony and today we are going to take a look at the very coolest smartphone concepts ever.

It was back in 1997 when Ericsson used the phrase smart phone to describe its GS 88 Penelope phone and the term stuck. This smartphone looked remarkably similar to the Nokia 9000 Communicator which was released a year earlier and led to one of the most successful series of phones that lasted for a decade.

Since that time we have seen the Nokia 6630 launch as the world’s first 3G phone with an unusual bulb-shaped design. These were followed by 4G smartphones like the Samsung K Zoom available here, which looks like a digital camera, and the BlackBerry Passport which has a square design for the best visuals when working on Word and Excel documents. 

But I digress, so let’s get back to those concept smartphones that are king of cool.

Nokia Morph phone concept

In co-operation with Cambridge University, Nokia released images of a cool smartphone that can morph itself into different shapes to suit various applications.

Nokia Morph cool smartphone concept

The device is flexible but more remarkably it would be stretchable allowing it convert from headset to bracelet and from smartphone to tablet. There are transparent elements and for practicality nanotechnology is applied to the surfaces for self-cleaning, so no more smudgy fingerprints over the display!

Second Life Mobile phone concept

Created by Yanko Design we see transparency used to create an energy efficient smartphone.

Second Life smartphone concept

When active an AMOLED full colour screen delivers the visual experience you would expect but when the phone isn’t being used it reverts to a black and white E-ink display mode that saves battery power.

Second Life mobile phone concept

A final touch of inspiration sees the overall transparency of the display become lighter as an indication of the battery status.

LG Flutter phone

The LG Flutter phone has one of the more unusual design concepts that is probably best kept for the likes of Hollywood movie blockbusters.

LG Flutter phone

The smartphone features are activated by pressing the LG logo which then releases a fan of screens that combine to become one large display for accessing apps and browsing the internet.

Alienware Android phone

When Dell took over Alienware designer Jas Seehra was inspired into creating this concept phone which once again would be right at home in a sci-fi movie.

Alienware Android phone

The most striking elements come from the creative use of lighting in a shell that glows when incoming calls are received. Beam me up Scotty!

Mobikoma concept phone

Once again we see work from the Yanko Design team and this intriguing concept uses a series of modules that can be linked together to create ever larger devices.


Each module has its own battery and processor and a minimum of 2 base block need to be used.

Mobikoma 2 element smartphone

This opens up the possibility to create a 2 element tiny smartphone, 18 element standard sized smartphone or 54 element tablet sized device. In fact the maximum size that this concept could achieve is a whopping 1.5 x 2 metres. 

Mobikoma 18 element smartphone

The images show a Windows-based operating system but there is no mention of a camera, although I see no reason why this couldn’t be built into a new base module.

Fujitsu 2009 concept phone

In 2009 Akihabara News reported on a series of Fujitsu concept phones.

Fujitsu 2009 concept phone

Circular watch-shaped dials have been used on both the display and keypad although I suspect that this design would make it extremely difficult to type any sort message or email.

Fujitsu 2009 concept smartphone

Housed in a shiny metal frame this cool concept certainly focuses on an unusual look over all practicality, but if you were looking for a device that would stand out from the crowd then this Fujitsu smartphone would certainly fit the bill! 

Philips Fluid smartphone concept

Conceived by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata, the Philips Fluid phone is a long and flexible device that appears to be extremely thin.

Philips Fluid smartphone concept

This smartphone can be curled around and locked together by inserting the mic protrusion at the bottom into the top and hey presto you have a bracelet that will satisfy your wearable tech desires.

Which of these concept smartphones would you like to see become reality?

Written by: Michael Brown

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