10 Super-Cool Smartphone Accessories

Coolest Smartphone Accessories of July 2016

These days, smartphones really are smart. Some have a strange man called Siri inside them who has the uncanny ability to predict the weather.  Others can be unlocked when they recognise your fingerprint like some sort of spy gadget.

If we look back at Alexander Bell’s first telephone in the 19th century and even phones in the past decade, it is undeniably amazing how much they’ve advanced in recent years.

But we want more, so we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you 10 of the coolest smartphone accessories to make your smartphone even smarter. 

1. Waterproof phone case

Many a phone has fallen victim to being dropped in the bath or the toilet - water is genuinely its worst enemy. No longer. A waterproof case lets you call your mum, listen to music and take selfies all while submerged 30ft underwater.

2. Headphone Splitters

We have painful memories of using the left earbud of your friend’s headphones so that you can both listen to a song, only for it to be suddenly yanked out when said friend moves half a millimetre away.

These headphone splitters are rather cool in that they allow your friends to plug their own headphones into your phone so that you can all listen to Beyoncé at the same time without having to huddle together.

3. Universal Power Adapter Kit

If you’ve got a universal power adapter, you’ve got a plug to charge your phone pretty much any country in the world. And what’s more, it has 2 USB ports meaning that you can charge two devices at the same time. In any country. Winner. 

4. Dachshund Dust Plug

Can you think of anything cuter?

This doesn’t necessarily make your phone smarter, but it is extremely useful nonetheless. As most of us know, dust can be rather inconvenient as it often gathers in your phone’s ports and prevents your headphones or charger from working.

Not only does this little guy prevent this problem, he’s also incredibly cute. You can also choose from other dog breeds if you prefer poodles, or you can choose a cat if you’re more of a cat person. Or any animal for that matter. A cute and quirky way to personalise your phone and keep the dust at bay.

5. 4-in-1 iPhone Lenses

Why wouldn't you up your Instagram game with some clip-on iPhone lenses? You can get a fisheye, Macro 10x, Macro 15x and Wide Angle lens so you can take professional looking photos on your smartphone. A bit more of a splurge, but definitely an investment for those who want a bit more from their phone camera.

6. Phone powered electric fan

For those who travel a lot on public transport or simply don’t like heat, cheap and cheerful phone powered fans are perfect for summer days when you’re feeling a bit hot and bothered. It may seem like a novelty but imagine the envious looks when you whip it out on the tube at rush hour.

7. Polaroid Phone Printer

Despite living in the digital age, sometimes it’s nice to have a physical photograph. This phone printer lets you print photos from your phone and you can also pretend you took them on a polaroid camera so you get that retro, faded effect that we all love but can never be bothered to buy an actual polaroid for.

8. ‘Tile’ Item Finder

If you’re one of those people who loses everything, fear not, we’ve found a solution. You can attach this ‘tile’ to your keys for example, and, should you find yourself misplacing them, your phone can find them for you. It’s waterproof and the battery lasts for a whole year. Losing your house keys will be a thing of the past.

9. Virtual Reality Glasses

When Oculus Rift was bought for £1.3 billion by Facebook in 2014, it became evident that virtual reality really is on its way. And now you can experience it on your phone.

Once you’ve downloaded the Google Cardboard app on your phone, RED5’s Vizor VR headset lets you immerse yourself in a virtual world. You can experience the sensation of jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit, flying a plane or exploring Star Wars’ Death Star, all without getting out of bed. 

10. Security Camera

You can set up the Nest Cam security camera in your house for example, and then use your smartphone to allow you to both see and hear everything that’s happening there. Most likely for those who are a bit more tech-savvy or simply have a suspicious neighbour.

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