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Getting a cheap deal on some of the most popular flagship smartphones is essential, but not easy, as our desire for the best often tips the scales away from a pocket friendly price.

It isn’t impossible to get a premium phone on a cheap contract though and here we highlight the cheapest deals available on top of the range phones. If you are looking for budget phone then read about our Mobile phone deals for less than £10 per month.

Moto X Play

From £17 per month, the Moto X Play is the cheapest flagship smartphone and it has winning qualities with its 5.7” display, metal frame and duo of 21MP and 5MP cameras. Front ported speaker makes the Moto X Play a good match for music lovers, while Turbo Charging offers 8 hours of use from just 15 minutes charge. 

Moto X Play pocket friendly deals

Moto X Play UK deals

Moto X Play deals

Huawei P8

From £19.50 per month, the Huawei P8 is great value with its aluminium unibody, 5.2” display and special knuckle commands. The standout feature though is the 13MP camera that enables light painting, time lapse photography and Director Mode video recording where the phone can control another 3 Android phones with live editing. On the reverse there is an 8MP selfie camera.

Huawei P8 cheap deals

Huawei P8 cheap contract

Huawei P8 deals

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

From £20 per month, the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is the small phone that offers it all. The compact 4.6” display is still plenty big enough for use with the high-resolution 23MP camera and 5MP selfie camera. A frosted glass back, waterproof body, Lifelog life-tracking and fitness app and Hi-Res Audio with S-Force Front Surround, all add to the appeal.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact pay monthly deals

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact best deal

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact deals


From £21 per month, the LG G4 deal is a good value and the premium build includes a high-quality genuine leather back and an ample 5.5” display. The LG Health app could easily become the most used feature, closely followed by the 16MP/8MP cameras with laser-detection autofocus.

Best deals on the LG G4

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LG G4 smartphone deals

LG G4 deals

Samsung Galaxy S6

From £22 per month, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is available on a few remarkably cheap phone contracts. The full metal and glass construction surrounds a 5.1” display, which is the portal to explore a number of Samsung made apps such as S Health. A fingerprint scanner has been included for extra security and there is a 16MP and 5MP camera built in.

Samsung Galaxy S6 contract deals

Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 deals

HTC One A9

From £23.50 per month, the HTC One A9 sits firmly in the mid-range of these cheap deals on premium phones. There are plenty of reasons to choose the HTC One A9 and these include a brushed metal body surrounding a 5” screen, 13MP/4MP cameras, the latest Android Marshmallow OS and 24-bit high-res sound.

Cheapest deals HTC One A9

HTC One A9 deals

HTC One A9 deals

Microsoft Lumia 950

From £24 per month, the Microsoft Lumia 950 may be the best phone to run in sync with your other Windows 10 devices, such as a PC, laptop or tablet. The Cortana virtual assistant is on hand to make life as easy as possible and the Windows Continuum feature, which up-scales apps for use when connected to a monitor, could make this the phone of choice for business users. The Microsoft Lumia 950 has a 5.2” display and 20MP/5MP cameras.

Microsoft Lumia 950 best deals

Microsoft Lumia 950 contracts

Microsoft Lumia 950 deals

Google Nexus 6P

From £25.83 per month, the Google Nexus 6P is still a good deal and the anodized aluminium body testifies to this phones quality. The 5.7” cinematic display sits between dual front-facing speakers, while on the reverse a fingerprint sensor can be found. The Google Nexus 6P has a main 12.3MP and a secondary 5MP selfie camera.

Google Nexus 6P cheapest deal

Google Nexus 6P cheap deal

Google Nexus 6P deals

Apple iPhone 6s

From £27.50 per month with £49.99 up front, you are really going to have to want an Apple iPhone 6s to get a deal at this price. Appeal has been generated through a premium build, with 7000 Series Aluminium and a 4.7” display that sits behind toughened glass. The combination of 12MP/5MP cameras do not stand out in this list but 3D Touch, where the pressure applied to the screen results in differing actions, really does.

Contract deals Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s budget friendly deals

Apple iPhone 6s deals

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Written by: Michael Brown

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