CES 2014: What to Expect

CES 2014: What to Expect

After Christmas and New Year, CES is the biggest thing in our schedules, and is set to kick off 2014 with a bang.

So, amongst the driverless cars and flexible TVs, what can we expect to see in the world of mobile phones at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show?

Samsung is bound to have a lot to say at this year’s CES. Last year, the company unveiled its flexible phone prototype, so we expect we’ll see many more of Samsung’s exciting new developments for 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S4

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4’s successor have been circulating since the flagship model was released in March, and now the latest ones are all pointing towards a CES reveal.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to feature a full aluminium shell, a 5.3-inch screen and a 16MP camera.

However, we’re sure that if we do catch a glimpse of the S5 at CES, it will share more features and design elements of the Galaxy Note 3 than of the current rumours.

Read all of the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours here.

Galaxy Round

Although the Galaxy Round was launched back in October, many UK tech fans are yet to clap eyes on the device in person.

However, we’re expecting that the Galaxy Round, Samsung’s first smartphone with a curved screen, will be dominating the Samsung stands in Vegas.

Galaxy Gear 2

The Samsung Galaxy Gear, which was launched alongside the Note 3 at IFA in Berlin this year, hasn’t necessarily gone down a storm amongst industry critics. Despite this, rumour has it that Samsung is planning to launch tis successor, the Galaxy Gear 2, at this year’s CES.

The Gear 2 is set to be 15-20% thinner than the current Gear smartwatch, and will be compatible for the upcoming Galaxy S5.

LG didn’t play too big a part in last year’s CES celebrations, but this year could be the year that LG puts itself firmly on the map in the world of smartphone technology.

LG G Flex

However, with rumours that LG will be launching a flexible screened TV, we could see the focus shift away from phones this year, leaving us waiting for MWC in February for more LG smartphone action.

LG G Flex

Similarly to Samsung, LG launched the G Flex, another smartphone with a curved screen, in October. And although LG might not be launching any new devices, we’ll be excited to get our hands on the G Flex for sure.


HTC launched its One flagship at this year’s MWC, though with news of disappointing sales, we could see the company bringing the release of the One’s successor forward a little.


The HTC M8 (as it is currently known) is rumoured to feature a 5-inch screen, 2GB of RAM, and will include many of the One’s current features, including HTC BlinkFeed and Zoe.

Although a high court judge revealed that we will be seeing the codenamed M8 on February, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the HTC booth at CES just in case.

Take a look at the latest HTC M8 rumours here.

ZTE is rumoured to release the successor to the incredibly slim 

ZTE Grand S

smartphone, the Grand S, at this year’s Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show.

The Grand S II will have a slightly larger 5.5-inch screen, and will share most of the Grand S’s specs. However, current rumours are suggesting that the phone’s current 13MP camera will be exchanged for a 8MP rear-facing snapper, which seems a strange move from ZTE.

2013’s CES was the venue for Sony’s Xperia Z flagship launch, though 

Sony Xperia Z1

with the company using this year’s IFA event in Berlin to reveal the Xperia Z1, it’s doubtful that Sony will be launching any revolutionary devices at CES.

That said, Sony’s CEO, Kazuo Hirai is scheduled to kick off the CES keynote speeches on Monday 7th January. So unless he’s planning on just talking about Sony’s camera, gaming and TV ranges for 2014, we could be in for a surprise.

Wearable Tech

Last but not least is wearable tech. Anyone who is anyone will have heard that wearable tech is the ‘next big thing’, and this trend seems to be carrying through to next year.

Pebble smartwatch

While we saw the new Pebble and I’M smartwatches launched in the first quarter of this year, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Gear, we can expect to see more weird and wonderful devices sitting within the category of wearable technology at CES.  

In fact, there’s a catwalk show scheduled for January 9th to exhibit all of next year’s newest and wackiest inventions.

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