What would be your perfect phone?

Build your own phone

Mobile phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia are continually locked in a battle of one upmanship, trying to create the perfect phone.

But what would happen if you could build your own phone with components used by any mobile phone manufacturer through time?

The answer to what would be your perfect phone will undoubtedly be a result created by your own uniqueness. 

So let’s take a journey through the elements of consideration. I have placed a tick in my shopping list but will you agree with me??

Build you own phone - Hardware

HTC One - HTC went another direction last year and left the megapixel race. Instead they released what they called an ultrapixel camera that included a sensor which captured 300% more light.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Samsung on the other hand delivered a 16 megapixel camera with a 10 x optical zoom.
Nokia Lumia 1020 - Nokia stayed true to the megapixel race however and delivered a 41 megapixel camera along with a Nokia Pro Camera App.
Sony Xperia Z1 - Featuring the same components as Sony's compact camera range the Z1 is a serious contender and weighs in with 20.7 megapixels. The BIONZ processing engine also has a built-in motion detector and adjusts the shutter speed for blur free results.
HTC One - Dual forward facing speakers were the key element in the HTC One's design and the output was excpetional combing HTC Boom Sound with built-in amplifiers. 
CAT B15 - Not into music? Then maybe the speakers on the CAT B15 tough phone are for you with extra loud output for noisy locations.
BlackBerry Q5 / Q10 - These two latest releases from BlackBerry both include a full physical QWERTY keypad.
Doro PhoneEasy 612 - Big fingers? Then the keys from this Doro phone might suit you, both large and well spaced out for better accuracy.
Samsung Galaxy - The Samsung Galaxy range is just one example of a device with only virtual keys. This method of input really comes into its own with Swype input where your finger only lifts off the screen at the end of each word.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - You can't go far wrong with a Samsung screen and if your perfect phone needs to be mini in size then the 4.3-inch qHD sAMOLED display from this phone will be a great choice.
LG G2 - If your perfect phone needs to be balanced in size then the 5.2-inch full HD IPS screen is a brillant choice. With over 400 pixels per inch you will enjoy bright whites, natural colour creation and a cinema like16:9 aspect ratio.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet - If you are looking for the largest eXperiance, sorry couldn't help myself there, then a phablet is the obvious choice and this Sony delivers a 6.4-inch full HD display.
Sony Xperia Z1 - The Xperia Z1 has a water resistant coating that will protect it in fresh water at depths of 1.5 metres for 30 minutes. 
CAT B15 - If you need a little more protection then maybe you could choose the chasis of the CAT B15 for drop, water and dust resistance.
Apple iPhone 5s - Precision engineering at its best with an aluminium housing surrounding glass and sapphire crystal elements.
Apple iPhone 5c - Designed for the colourful a range of anything but dull colours make a real statement.
Sony Xperia Z1 - Crafted from a single piece of alluminium the frame surrounds front and back covers made of tempered glass.
Nokia 7110 - If you want your perfect phone to have that old school look then don't settle for the boring and choose the Matrix phone look.
Fingerprint - Apple blew us away last year with iTouch fingerprint security. A gimmick? You decide!
Pattern - Unlock your phone by creating a pattern on the screen as seen on Android powered phones.
PIN - Go old school and secure your phone with a 4 digit code.
Picture - Unlock your phone with your camera verifying your facial features. Be prepared though to take lots of pictures of yourself under different lighting conditions to get this to work well!

Build your own phone - Software

Choosing what software your perfect phone will use is less of a case of choosing one option and more of a case of saying ‘I want these features’.

So let’s disregard operating system and here is my list of must have software, features and apps.

  • Siri - The digital assistant from Apple.
  • Smart Scroll - Be lazy and let your eyes scroll down the page.
  • S Translate - Speak in a foreign tongue.
  • Walkman - The original music machine.
  • HTC Zoe - A picture gallery created automatically including sound.
  • Tiles - Live tiles put all of your most wanted info on the homepage.
  • Facebook - The original and best social network.
  • Skype - Chat, voice and video calling over the internet.
  • Dropbox - Where would we be without sharing our files on all our devices?

So what would you put in your perfect mobile phone?

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Written by: Michael Brown

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