Budget smartphones: Nokia X vs Moto G

Nokia X vs Moto G

Budget smartphones are extremely popular with certain demographics and these include of course those on a tight budget, the thrifty and both very young or old mobile phone users who desire either simplicity or a bold design.

The two most prominent budget smartphones at the moment include the Moto G, which has been available for several months, and the Nokia X which has launched in several countries but has not quite arrived in the UK yet.

So let’s take a look at the best bits of both in a showdown between the Nokia x and the Moto G.

Moto G features

The Moto G budget smartphone is actually pretty well specked so if you want something with a classic look that performs well and still has features to shout about then this could be for you.

Moto G

Design: The black shell is fronted by a great 4.5” high-definition display that stretches from edge-to-edge, delivering a brilliant experience for those who like to watch, read or browse the internet. The younger end of the market can jazz up the look with interchangeable coloured shells, sold separately, in violet, royal blue, turquoise, lemon lime or cherry.

Camera: Leave the compact camera at home and instead enjoy the in-built 5 megapixel camera of the Moto G. The novice camera enthusiast will feel like a pro in time at all aided by tap-to-focus, burst mode, 4 x digital zoom and low motion video.

Best features: The Moto G runs on Android KitKat which is the latest operating system from Google so you will get access to loads of downloadable apps from Google Play or simply enjoy the basics with Google Search. This budget smartphone also has a water repellent coating, so it really can go where you go and handle the odd mishap!

Nokia X features

The Nokia X budget smartphone is most likely to appeal to the younger market due to its vibrant range of colours which include blue, green, red and yellow along with more conservative shades of black and white.

Nokia X

Social: The Nokia X also lends itself well to those who like to keep connected socially with built-in apps from Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Viber and Skype.

Best features: Ignoring the ordinary specification run-down, features that catch the eye include a dual SIM card slot for both personal and work numbers, a wide angled viewing screen with power-saving auto-brightness and the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Camera: The 3 megapixel camera also has few nice tricks up its sleeve including a 4 x digital zoom, face recognition, panorama mode, a still image editor and the ability to view photos by album or timeline.

Music: Downloaded music may be played on the built-in music player or you can find new tunes with the Nokia MixRadio. Both music channels make full use of the equalizer and album graphics show in the music player. Ps. You also get Nokia’s very own stereo headset included in the box!

Nokia X vs Moto G

Both of these budget smartphones have their appeal but the Moto G edges slightly out in front with a better resolution camera and Android's more popular and flexible operating system. 

It also takes the crown in the design department with a professional and quality look that can optionally be made to pop with a range of brightly coloured shells.

The Moto G is available from £6.50 per month on a cashback adjusted deal or from £11 per month on deals without cashback.

You can also purchase the Moto G on PAYG for £100.

Written by: Michael Brown

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