How To Boost Your Battery Life

Does your battery run out by 3pm?

How much time do we spend on our phones? Studies' results range from 90 minutes per day to a rather impressive five hours – that's almost one-third of our day!

This intensive use is causing our smartphones' batteries to run out much quicker than we'd like. Here's a few tips and tricks to prolong you phone's life, and save you from having to carry a charger everywhere (and subsequently lose it... We're already on our third iPhone charger.)

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1. Uninstall the Facebook app

We know it hurts, but you'll be better for it. Deleting the app from your phone could help you save up to 20% battery on Android phones, and 15% on iPhones. And using Facebook in Safari is actually pretty good!

2. Take full advantage of the Low Power Mode

It might seem obvious, but going to Settings > Battery on your iPhone and going in Low Power Mode, which reduces power-consuming activities like background app refresh or mail fetch, will save you a lot of battery life.
Android phones also offer a power saving mode, accessible in the Settings.

Low battery? Use Low Power Mode

3. Turn down the screen brightness

Okay, so this is really obvious, but is worth doing especially on Android phones, since their high-quality displays are the main reason for short battery lives.

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4. Turn off the Bluetooth

Unless you're using Bluetooth headphones or speakers, you probably don't need to have it on, and it's only purpose will be to drain your battery. Same thing goes for GPS, and Airdrop and iCloud on iOS devices – only turn them on when you need them.

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5. No more bad vibes

Turn off the vibrating notifications whenever you get a message – it's much more draining than simple sound notifications (and actually noisier when sitting on a hard surface!)

6. Turn on Airplane Mode – even on the ground

The antenna is one of the biggest drains of battery; it's constantly looking for signal, 4G, and Wi-Fi. If you don't need to use these – for instance, while at work or at the gym –, then putting your phone on flight mode could help make your phone last longer.

Airplane Mode

7. iPhones: turn off background app refresh

Background app refresh uses up your battery like nothing else. It even says so in Settings > General > Background app refresh: “turning off apps may help preserve battery life”. So follow your phone's advice; it knows what's best for it.

8. Get a battery case

This may be a last resort, but Apple's new smart battery cases can double your phone's battery life. Some Android manufacturers also offer them.

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9. Don't overcharge

Avoid charging your phone at night, when it will stay plugged in much longer than the couple of hours usually needed for a full charge – we all know what happens when we do the same thing to laptops; the battery life seems to get shorter and shorter no matter how much you charge it. Don't let your phone suffer the same fate.

Smartphone battery lifes are getting better

You will be glad to here that manufacturers are trying to get their top smartphone battery lifetimes up and with the arrival close of the samsung galaxy S7 and rumours of a 3000mah, maybe you can leave thast Facebook app on.

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