Biggest Smartphone Gimmicks

Biggest Smartphone Gimmicks

With every new phone release comes a host of ‘new and amazing’ features, and often times these features are quickly forgotten about due to their gimmicky nature.

But what are the biggest gimmicks ever found on mobile phones? Let’s take a look…

Voice Commands

When voice commands were first released everyone was amazed to hear that you could simply tell your phone to do something.

But in reality voice commands often prove a huge chore, which constantly mistake your contacts' names for one another and took way too long to actually work.

You always repeat the command three or four times before the phone decides that you're trying to tell it to do something, and then it will still mess it up countless times.

With the invention of Siri on iOS, things have improved, but even now and then Siri decides to have a day off and fails to recognise just what you are after.

But don’t worry Siri, you are still miles ahead of some of our former ‘voice recognition supporting’ handsets…

Voice Commands

Fingerprint scanners

Only a recent gimmick, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 features a fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone without having to enter a passcode to unlock it. Samsung has also jumped on the bandwagon with its latest Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 models. 

But is a fingerprint scanner really necessary?

Fingerprint Scanner

Read the iPhone 6 review for more information on its fingerprint scanner!

Facial Recognition

Another way of unlocking your phone, this gimmick has you look at your phone in a certain way to open your phone.

But the software is sometimes hit and miss, if you have a shave for example, it sometimes makes the software go a bit bonkers.

The same can be said for piercings and sometimes even heavily applied make-up in earlier versions of the software.

Plus you have the risk of sitting there staring at your phone waiting for it to unlock and having to tilt the handset until it figures out it is actually you trying to unlock it, probably taking longer than actually unlocking the phone normally.

Facial Recognition

Curvy Screens

Does having a curved screen actually make your phone better than one with a straight screen? No, it doesn’t. In fact it has absolutely no benefits whatsoever, and is clearly just a way of making a phone look different from those already on the market.

Also, it can make some users phones harder to use, as you have to adjust your hand to match the curve of the phones screen, creating further problems for a largely aesthetic improvement.

If you want a phone that looks a bit different and seem more futuristic than other then go ahead and grab a curved screen now, but otherwise you probably shouldn’t bother.

Curved Screens

Want a curved screen anyway? Check out the LG G Flex!

Get your curved screen phone

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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