Five of the Biggest Mobile Faults Ever!

Problems with phones

Unless you’ve been living under a sizeable rock for the last week or so, it’s likely that you’ve been hearing all about the recent bug which is running amuck of iPhones across the globe.

With users sending a simple text to other iPhone owners, phones can be crashed completely, with Apple yet to update its software to combat the issue. However, this got us thinking of some of the other memorable problems which have come and gone with our smart devices.

Of course, it didn’t require too much digging – and here’s what we came up with, five of the biggest tech faults of recent memory!

Antenna-gate – iPhone 4

Wait! You're saying even Apple had made a mistake?

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It’s not very often that Apple messes things up. Having gone from strength to strength on the mobile market, the late Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 back in 2010 to much fanfare.

However, users who adopted the phone early on quickly realised that not all was right with the handset. In fact, something was very wrong for the lefties who splashed the best part of a month’s wages on the iPhone, as if you held it in your left hand signal would begin to wane.

The problem occurred when you covered the plastic antenna gap in the metallic trim, effectively blocking the signal’s way into the phone, dropping calls.

Apple countered by effectively telling us that we weren’t holding the phone correctly, giving us some advice to spend even more money on a case. Complaints continued to build, and Cupertino eventually folded – offering users a free case to help avoid the issue.

Bricked BlackBerry – BlackBerry Bold 9900

The Bold was a poor smartphone when it came out...

This was the beginning of the end for BlackBerry, when the company unveiled the Bold 9900 all looked like sunshine and lollipops, but problematic clouds soon dampened this vibe.

Numerous adopters of the Bold handset were quick to express their displeasure after putting their phones on charge, with handsets refusing to power up ever again. Of course, BlackBerry responded with a statement claiming that it was working on a fix, but the damage was done for many.

By the end of the fracas, almost a third of all Bold 9900 devices had been returned, costing the Canadian company a very pretty penny.

Playbook not Playing Nice – BlackBerry Playbook

The Playbook recovered from its poor start to life!

You thought BlackBerry’s problems were over with the Bold? Unfortunately, the company’s tablet launch in the same year also had its fair share of problems, although on a smaller scale.

To be honest, most versions of the Playbook which were shipped were perfectly fine, but around 1000 suffered from dodgy OS syndrome, which basically meant that the slate didn’t work. This turned a number of Playbooks into nothing but glorified coasters.

All of these problematic tablets were replaced, but it definitely didn’t help BlackBerry’s cause during a turbulent year. The only saving grace was the tablet’s performance over the holidays – of which it led sales, of course, the iPad took over after that – damning the Playbook into the history books soon after.

Too Hot to Handle – Sony Xperia S

Sony dealt with the Xperia S problems well...

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Typically, it’s quite rare that we see our phones reaching temperatures above 40 degrees celcius. However, although it isn’t recommended by most manufacturers, it rarely causes much damage – unless you invested in the Sony Xperia S.

After hitting 40 degrees, the phone’s display quickly developed a ghastly yellow tint which refused to fade.

Sony quickly offered to fix the issue for no charge, which proved to be a smart move as only a relatively small number of handsets suffered from the issue. The device also did well on the market despite the problem, so it was a minor issue overall.

Non-Starter – Nokia N8

Not quite as reliable as the 3210...

Nokia was going through something of a nosedive when it released the N8, with touchscreen phones like the iPhone 4 rising through the ranks. Unfortunately, the phone which Nokia unveiled to take on this competition proved to have a rather big issue – it wouldn’t turn on.

Many users reported that their brand new Nokia phones randomly powered down and never turned back on for no reason whatsoever. Nokia quickly spread the word that it would be including this in its warranty, so if you did find this problem arising – it would replace the handset for free.

However, despite appeasing customers, the N8 still failed to mount a realistic challenge to Apple’s dominance that came with the aforementioned iPhone 4…

So, there you have it – five of the biggest mobile faults we can recall. Did you experience any of these problems? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield

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