Beware the Twelve Scams of Christmas

Beware the Twelve Scams of Christmas

As the holiday season approaches and consumers go online in ever increasing numbers to look for the perfect gift for family and friends, computer security firm, McAfee, has warned online shoppers of ‘the twelve scams of Christmas’ to ensure that the holiday period does not leave consumers counting the monetary and emotional costs of falling victim to cybercriminals.

McAfee’s scam warning is to help computer and mobile phone users avoid giving cybercriminals the best present (for them) of all – access to personal and financial information.

Jim Walter from computer security firm, McAfee, said:“We don’t want consumers to be haunted by the scams of holidays past, present and future. With the increase in malware and other attacks on smartphones, tablets and Macs, users need to stay vigilant and ensure they protect all of their devices, not just their home PC – they can’t afford to leave the door open to cyber-grinches during the busy holiday season.”

Some Christmas scams include:

  •  malicious mobile apps
  • phony Facebook promotions
  • Scareware or fake antivirus programmes
  • holiday phishing scams
  • online coupon scams
  • mystery shopper scams

As a precaution from these scams, which can affect you all year round, it's advisable to only download mobile apps from official app stores, such as iTunes and the Android Market. 

You should also be extra vigilant when replying to emails; watch out for too-good-to-be-true offers on social networks, never give out your personal information, and don’t accept requests on social networks from people you don’t know in real life.

Make sure you don't post holiday snaps and comments until you’ve already returned home, and always buy from reputable websites. 

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