5 World Cup Apps You Should Download Now!

FIFA World Cup Apps Worth Downloading

It only comes around once every four years, where 32 of the World’s best teams come together to decide just who’s the best of the best on the football pitch.

That’s right, we couldn’t be going on about anything else, and like it or not, the World Cup is set to dominate the globe for four weeks starting June 12th.

But if you’re out and about, what is the best way to catch all the games or get all the latest news and scores?

Well to help answer that question, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 World Cup supporting apps to make sure you don’t miss a single kick of the tournament held in Brazil. So if you haven’t got any tickets for the games, you needn’t worry, just download these apps!

Official FIFA App

Is there anywhere else to start? The FIFA app has a brilliant user-friendly design, and has a dedicated World Cup area for those just after World Cup news.

It gives a detailed account for every team making the trip to Brazil, outlining their route to the tournament and pointing out their best players along with their fixtures and schedule.

There’s also plenty of news published regularly on the app, meaning there will always be something new for you to see every time you open it up.

Sky Sports Football Centre

Arguably the biggest name in sports here in the UK, Sky’s Football Centre app isn’t dedicated to the World Cup, but it is by far the easiest fixture/result  checking app available online at the moment.

You can select any fixture from any date quickly and easily, and gives live commentary, statistics, team lineups and even betting odds.

News is easy to find, and a handy feature that is included is a ‘pub finder’ portion of the app, which locates the nearest watering hole that regularly shows football.

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OneFootball Brasil

Possibly the smoothest app of the bunch, the OneFootball Brasil app links to the team of your choice, sends you notifications about that team and gives you a detailed view of their success through the tournament.

It also gives an in-depth look at each of the 736 players featured in the tournament, listing statistics and facts, as well as giving a direct link to tweets from that player or tweets about the player.

Results, news and group tables are easy to find, and the overall speed and ease of use of the app makes it one of the best sports apps we’ve ever seen.

World Soccer Finals

Brilliant for the football fans out there that need everything in order right from the get-go, the World Soccer Finals app opens up straight on the fixtures page to give quick access to fixture dates and results.

Whilst news is hard to come by, the app gives a user-friendly view of games in order of kick-off time, rather than group games, which is handy for those looking to watch as many games as possible.

One problem we found was the integrated ads at the bottom of the app, which is often brushed by accident, opening up our web browser. Other than this though, it’s a great score checking app which avoids complicated menus.

BBC Sport

Similarly to the Sky Sports app, the BBC Sport app isn’t dedicated to the World Cup by any means, but thanks to the engaging content and easy menu navigation, the app still proves a necessity for football fans out there.

You get regularly updated, high quality content consistently, and video highlights and features are also available right out of the app, giving users even more to ponder over half time.

The BBC is even offering up full versions of classic World Cup matches, including England’s 1966 success via the app, so if you’re itching for some World Cup games during unsociable hours, you can access games through that.

So there you have it, five of the best apps definitely worth downloading if you’re a football nut!

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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