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When Tangerine (Sean S. Baker, 2015) became the first film ever shown at Sundance Film Festival to have been shot almost entirely on iPhone 5s, it also became clear that smartphone film-making is here to stay.

The quality of the cameras you find on high-end smartphones has been getting increasingly better – Apple was the first manufacturer to offer HD photos and videos, and other leading brands like Samsung or LG now also provide phones with full HD cameras.

However, when you decide to shoot a film on your phone, you also need to know about editing techniques, sound, and so on. Plenty of apps are available to edit, cut and produce your home-made movie before you show it to the public.

Of course, there are the more serious editing programs, but you can also have fun with videos even if you only intend to share it with your friends. Here's our list of the best apps to play around with video clips –  whether it is professional or just for fun.

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iPhone iMovie for Mac and iPad

Apple's desktop video editing software also comes on iOS. It's surprisingly easy to use, and very similar to the Mac version. You can cut and splice together pieces of videos, and add sound, music and titles.

iMovie costs £3.99 to download from the App Store; with the iPhone 6s' 4k ultra HD video camera, you're all ready to go and shoot your first short film.

iMovie for iOS

Power Director Video app for Android

Android's answer to iMovie, Power Director resembles Apple's app in many ways. It's also very user-friendly (perfect for any beginner), and has the advantage of being completely free on the Google Play Store.

However, all your videos will be watermarked. To get rid of it, simply pay £3.49 in in-app purchases, and you'll also get to export your videos at up to 1080p.

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Movie Edit Touch for Windows Phone

Another video editing app – but this time for Windows Phone – Movie Edit Touch is fairly similar to the previous, and performs just as well. You can cut and edit your clips frame by frame, add transitions and titles, and soundtrack.

It's also free to download, but does come with in-app purchases.

Instagram Video it with Hyperlapse

Owned by Instagram, Hyperlapse is a very simple time-lapse app, which allows you to film up to 45 minutes of video, then compress it into a short video, perfect to share on social media.

The app comes with a stabilisation feature, so you won't require a tripod. It is currently only available on iOS, and is completely free.

Hyperlapse by Instagram

Stop Motion Studio 

This is a fantastic app which puts together a stop-motion film from the pictures you choose. A lot of patience is required if you intend to produce anything longer than a few seconds, but the result is brilliant each time.

It is free to get from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store.

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