7 Apps that are ideal for the British Summertime!

British Summer!

The British summer is in full flow, bringing sun, rain, wind and even the odd thunderstorm. Of course, being used to this kind of inconsistency, us Brits are more than able to contend with the season as if it’s no problem at all.

However, if you feel like you’re struggling to make it through the summer months; your smartphone could be a helpful piece of kit! So, with that in mind, what are the best apps you can stick on your smartphone to help you through the Great British summer?


Is geocaching a good summer pastime?

We might be part way through 2015 already, but what are the best phones of the year? 

Ideal if you have a true love for the outdoors. Geocaching is an app which can be found under several different brands, all of which promote the same thing – placing a box with random items in, and then finding other people’s boxes.

It’s simple enough, you place an item in each box you find, and remove one – with a random selection of trinkets often found in any one box. In your first find you might pick out a cheeky five pound note, whilst in the next you could get your hands on an empty AAA battery!

It’s certainly an entertaining pastime, albeit one shrouded in mystery!

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is ideal for those summertime snaps!

The perfect app for summertime photography fans! Pic Stitch allows you to put a group of pictures from your latest summer escapade into one in a kind of picture collage.

So if you find yourself heading to your nearest beach, you needn’t cover your Instagram feed with numerous pictures in quick succession, instead just posting one picture with numerous shots within it.

Of course, we can’t vouch for your photography skills, so don’t come complaining to us if your smartphone doesn’t quite match your creative qualities!

The Impossible Test Summer

The ideal way to pass those cloudy moments!

Whilst we all love the British summertime, the weather doesn’t always want to play along with our sun loving habits. So, if you’re stuck inside waiting for those rain clouds to make a move, why not give this devilishly hard summer-based test a go?

We can guarantee you’ll be left scratching your head at this quiz, so much so you’ll probably end up way too confused to enjoy the rest of the day having played it!

Ready, Set, Holiday!

Time to get planning for that summer holiday!

Going on your travels? Here are the best phones to take on holiday!

Sure, the British summer is all well and good, but it’s also an ideal time to escape the country for a short while as well!

Ready, Set, Holiday! allows you to set up a countdown for your summer trip, whether it be a quick visit to continental Europe or a full on Far Eastern expedition. So if you can’t wait to up sticks and head abroad, maybe you should download this summer holiday app to count down the days!  


Can't beat the Viator app!

The perfect app for making savings throughout your summer trips! Viator helps you find deals and vouchers for cheap days out in plenty of destinations, be it at home or abroad.

On top of this, it also offers up queue jumping opportunities and other reservations on the cheap. So if you fancy skipping the crowds on a summer trip to London, you needn’t queue with the rest of us to get on the London Eye or any other attraction for that matter!

Finally, with honest reviews of attractions from genuine customers, you can also keep your eye out for a hidden gem!


Is TouchNote useful for your postcard sending needs?

Are you one of those people, who on their travels, spots the perfect post card to send home, but can never be bothered to go through the rigmarole of actually posting it? Well we are, so the TouchNote app makes perfect sense to us.

The app itself uses pictures that you have taken to create a physical post card and go through the effort of sending it to your chosen recipient. It’s also completely free to download, so you only have to worry about paying when you decide to send a postcard.

You can also put your own message on the card as well, making it the ideal gift for someone who isn’t spending their summer holidays with you!

BBC Weather

Yep, that's the great british summer for you!

Because, come on… The British Summer isn’t always sunshine and high temperatures – and we always need to keep track of the weather, right?

So, what do you make of these seven summer-favouring apps? Do you think you’ll be downloading them anytime soon? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield