Best smartphones for watching the Ashes

Best smartphones for watching the Ashes

With smartphones getting bigger and more technologically advanced, more and more people are using their devices to do things they used to fire up their laptops for.

And with mobile phones being better equipped with higher levels of audio and visual quality, many are now perfect for settling down to watch your favourite TV programs on. So if you’re an avid sports fan, it doesn't matter if you're on your way to work or even tanning yourself on the beach, make sure that you don’t miss a minute of the Ashes this summer!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

First up on the list has to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for all the obvious reasons! As you can see, it is the biggest smartphone-or phablet- on the market with a whopping 5.5 inch screen. There’s nothing worse than trying to squint to read the scores because of a minute screen, which is why the Galaxy Note 2 is a cut above the rest when it comes to watching the Ashes.

Not only does its screen size make it easier to watch sports matches on, but the phone’s impressive display also makes it enjoyable, too. With a pixel density of 267pixels per inch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers a high quality visual experience which doesn’t pixelate or blur action shots like with so many other smartphones.


The HTC One is also a pretty impressive smartphone when it comes to watching the Ashes. With a 4.7 inch screen, this device is slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but it is impressive for TV-watching in other ways.

HTC smartphones have always been known for its incredible audio quality with its in-built Beats Audio, but now the Taiwanese company has released its best ever dual front BoomSound speakers built into the HTC One.

Until now, every other smartphone, however successful, has failed to address the problem of muffled audio due to speakers being located on the back of the device. However, not only does the HTC One have its speakers very clearly on the front of the phone, meaning you can hear sound far more sharply, but the phone features double the audio technology than your average smartphone device.

And while it’s the audio quality that makes the HTC One perfect for TV lovers, the phone’s display is also pretty good, too. With a pixel density of 461 ppi, you can’t get much better!

Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z is Sony’s flagship model for 2013, and is much better known for its water and dust-proof capabilities (maybe useful if you’re watching the Ashes with a pint in hand..!). However, with a 5 inch, 441 pixel per inch display, it’s not a bad phone for watching the cricket on either.

We are all familiar with Sony’s expertise in the television and games console arena, so why would a smartphone launched by the firm offer anything less than the best?

With a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, and 4G compatibility, the Sony Xperia Z will guarantee you super-fast streaming times and a superb performance. 

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is perhaps the newest smartphone out of the bunch, and has been received mixed responses by both critics and consumers. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t some amazing features built into the device which make this phone above all one of the best to watch the Ashes on.

For starters, you’ve got Samsung’s patented Smart Pause technology, which essentially pauses and restarts a recording whenever it senses that your eyes have wandered away from the screen. Have you ever been interrupted in a pivotal moment of a match by someone walking into the room or someone making a loud noise? With Smart Pause, you’ll never miss a moment again; simply look away, and the action will stop; look back and it will start up again in the exact position you left it. Now how many other smartphones do you know that do that?

To top it off, Samsung is giving its users a brilliant 5 inch screen with a crystal clear display which would make watching any match on the device a pleasure. What’s more, put more than one Samsung Galaxy S4 devices together and you can make the most of Samsung’s Group Play feature!

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