Best Selling Mobile Phones of all Time

best selling phones of all time

There always seems to be a new phone released, claiming to be the next big thing. But which phones are the biggest ever? We count down through the top 15 most popular phones of all time - a list dominated by Nokia! 

15.  Nokia 3100

Sold: 50 million

Released in 2003, the 3100 was aimed at the younger audience, as a teenager’s first phone. The 3100 came in a choice of three colours, had lights that flashed in time with the ring tone and the cover glowed in the dark.

14.  Motorola StarTAC

Sold: 60 million

Released in 1996, the StarTAC was the first ever flip/clamshell phone, and one of the first to have a vibrate setting as an alternative to a ringtone.

13.  Motorola C200

Sold: 60 million

Released in 2003, the C200 was a stylish phone, available in white, blue or green.

12.  iPhone 4s

Sold: 60 million

Released in 2011, the iPhone 4s was the fifth generation of the iPhone. It was the first iPhone with Siri, the intelligent voice activated personal assistant.

11.  Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Sold: 65 million

Released in 2007, the Nokia 5130 was part of the XpressMusic range, specifically designed for music. It contained a MicroSD memory slot so that it could be used as an MP3 player.

10.  Nokia 1208

Sold: 100 million

Released in 2007, the 1208 was hardwearing and affordable, came in a choice of black or red, and had a built-in flashlight.

9.  Nokia 1600

Sold: 130 million

Released in 2006, the Ultrabasic 1600 was originally released to be used by customers in developing countries.

8.  Motorola RAZR V3

Sold: 130 million

Released in 2004 the sleek and slim RAZR V3 set the standard for mobile phones to be good looking as well as functional. It was the slimmest clamshell phone at the time, and when the hot pink version was released, sales rocketed.

7.  Nokia 2600

Sold: 135 million

Released in 2004, the 2600 was another back to basics phone, with no camera and no radio, which was common with other phones released at the time.

6.  Nokia 3310

Sold: 136 million

Released in 2000, the Nokia 3310 replaced the 3210 (at number 2), and had additional features such as a calculator, ability to write longer text messages, reminders and the hugely popular game Snake II. This phone has gained arguably the biggest cult following of a mobile phone handset.

5.  Nokia 5230

Sold: 150 million

The youngest Nokia on the list, the 5250 was released in 2010. The 5250 had a 2-megapixel camera and a 3.2 inch touchscreen.

4.  Nokia 1200

Sold: 150 million

Released in 2007, the 1200 was a basic, entry level mobile phone, which Nokia was focusing on at the time. The display was black and white, and the handset was black and grey – a simple, basic phone for those not particularly interested in technology.  

3.  Nokia 1110

Sold: 150 million

Released in 2006, the 1110 was Nokia’s low-end monochrome model before being superceded by the 1200.

2.  Nokia 3210

Sold: 160 million

The oldest phone in the top 10, released in 1999, the 3210 is an iconic Nokia. The first Nokia with the interchangeable cases, and the first mobile phone without an external antenna. It was considered the most beautiful mobile phone at the time.

1.  Nokia 1100

Sold: 250 million

Released in 2005, the 1100 sold 100 million more than the second place phone. This Nokia is typical of Nokia phones in the noughties, with a monochrome display and only 4 games. Sales of the Nokia 1100 soared in 2009 when a rumour circulated that a technical glitch would allow fraudulent bank operations to be carried out! Handsets on eBay were fetching 5-digit figures!

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Written by Isabelle Barker

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