Five Apps worth getting a Samsung Smartphone for

Samsung Galaxy Apps

So, you’re thinking of picking up a new smartphone, you want something powerful, good looking and reliable. Frankly, that doesn’t narrow your options down all that much, especially if you’re after a flagship phone.

However, have you looked at some of the apps that will be coming with each phone you happen to be considering? If not, maybe you should take a look at some of these Samsung Galaxy Apps.

So, if you’re stuck deciding which smartphone to get, these could be the perfect reason to grab a Samsung phone.

S Health

S Health

One of the biggest fitness tracking apps on the market today, S Health comes pre-installed on many Samsung smartphones. It’s incredibly useful if you like to keep an eye on your general health, offering numerous ways to record your physical performances.

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It’s able to measure your exercise, diet, walking distance and even your heart rate, all displayed in a friendly way on your Samsung Galaxy app. When powered up with phones like the Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy S7, you can use the phone’s hardware at the fullest extent to record data quickly and easily with the app.

Linking superbly with the Galaxy Gear Fit smartwatch, you can utilise S Health regardless of where you are, making for an incredibly practical app. So, if you’re planning on improving your levels of fitness as well as boasting a powerful smartphone, why not consider using S Health with a Samsung flagship phone?

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Kindle for Samsung

Kindle for Samsung

Samsung owners can download the Kindle for Samsung free reading app and with this a free eBook can be downloaded each month, through Samsung Book Deals. Overall, there are millions of books, magazines and newspapers.

Features of this app includes Whispersync, which saves and syncs the last page read across all devices and Time to Read, which tells you how long it will take for you to finish the chapter or book you are reading, based upon your personal reading speed. All books are automatically backed up online in the Cloud.



The Samsung Soundcamp app can be download for free and found under Galaxy Essentials in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. The Soundcamp app is a music production tool that allows the user to perform write and share music.

Music can be performed and recorded using touch instruments, while Multitrack DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) lets the user to record, edit and mix up to eight MIDI audio tracks. This diverse and flexible app also works with various 3rd party music apps.

Samsung Link

If you’re big on your Samsung devices then you can’t find an app much better than Samsung Link. The app essentially does what it says on the tin, linking your Samsung devices together in a simple and intuitive fashion.

It lets you save photos from your Samsung smartphone to the cloud for quick and easy sharing, bring your content anywhere where there’s a mobile internet connection and even share and play content across multiple devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or smart TV.

Whilst it isn’t the most exciting app when compared to the likes of other apps on this list, it’s by far one of the most useful, especially if you tend to favour Samsung devices over other manufacturers’.

Find my Mobile

Samsung Find My Mobile App

Drawing a close comparison to Apple’s Find my iPhone app, Find my Mobile essentially does the same job, just for Samsung based phones. As you’d expect, it keeps a pinpoint on your registered devices’ locations, as long as it’s connected to the internet of course.

Not only does it keep a track on your handsets though, it also has the ability to wipe it at your command, lock it, ring it or even let you know when someone is attempting to change the sim card. This makes it an invaluable piece of software if your phone is to go missing, and deters criminals from selling it on.

Also, if someone makes a call from your smartphone, the app even has access to the call log, giving you, and the Police something to work off. Put simply, it might not be as famous as Find my iPhone, but it arguably does a better job than its Apple equivalent.

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Written by Luke Hatfield