Best Phones For The Elderly

Best phones for the elderly

Finding the best phones for the elderly is extremely easy and here we take a look at three completely different phones that offer a solution for this diverse age group.

1. Doro 8030

Doro 8030 phone for the elderly

Doro specialise in making phones for the elderly and the Doro 8030 is the best phone for elderly, starting from £9.50 per month on a two year contract.

The Doro 8030 is very special because it works in a more natural way, that reflects the way that humans think and do things. Centred around ‘I want to’ buttons the home screen buttons includes ‘Call’, ‘View’ and ‘Send’. Following a press on one of these buttons you are typically prompted with ‘What’ or ‘To whom’. 

The highly specialised feature list includes:

  • Adjustable fonts sizes
  • Display modes for visually impaired users
  • Soft touch easy-grip coating
  • 91dB ring volume
  • 35dB HD earphone
  • Visual ring indicator
  • HAC Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Start-up wizard
  • ICE In Case of Emergency medical details for first responders
  • Emergency assistance button with GPS location sharing
  • Google Now voice assistant
  • Code Safe password manager
  • Remote assistance from a chosen family member or friend
  • Up to 25 days standby

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2. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 phone for the elderly

The Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 edition is priced from £10 per month on a two year contract. The full smartphone experience is on offer along with the option to switch the phone into Easy Mode. Easy Mode gives a simple layout with bigger icons on the home screen. For convenience, you can also pin shortcuts onto the home screen, for your most used contacts.

Elderly users may also find the following specialised features useful:

  • Display modes for visually impaired users
  • Settings for users with hearing impairments
  • Special mode for users with reduced dexterity 
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3. Doro 6030

Doro 6030 phone for the elderly

The Doro 6030 is the absolute budget phone for the elderly. This phone can be picked up from £2 per month on a two year contract or for £59.99 SIM free. The Doro 6030 has more traditional layout with well-separated physical buttons and a flip form. 

The Doro 6030 easy phone also has these specialised features for the elderly: 

  • HAC Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Emergency assistance button
  • 83dB ring volume
  • 35dB earphone
  • Startup wizard
  • ICE In Case of Emergency
  • Up to 22 days standby
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Written by: Michael Brown

Elderly and looking for a bargain? Read on to discover the best phones for the elderly from last year, now at rock bottom prices:

These three phones for the elderly are the Doro Liberto 820 Mini, Nokia 108 and Microsoft Lumia 550, all of which couldn’t be more different from each other.

Doro Liberto 820 Mini

The Doro Liberto 820 Mini is unquestionably the best phone for the elderly as it was designed specifically for this demographic. The modern looking design disguises the premise at play and this phone wouldn’t look out of place next to any smartphone on the market.

The 4” display is incredibly clear to see with stunning clarity, colour and brightness. The display has been recessed just slightly to protect it against accidental drops, but these should be minimised with a special soft-touch coating that makes the phone very grip-able.

Doro Liberto 820

Set up and help for the Doro Liberto 820 Mini are eased with a start-up guide, discovery guide, video tutorials and Remote Help facility, where a remote operator can take control of the phone to help the elderly user. 

For elderly phone users where safety and security are a concern, the Assistance Button can be set up. Here, five contacts are stored and should the assistance button be pressed then these are called in sequence until the emergency call is answered. A text message is also sent out to each of the emergency contacts along with the GPS position of the elderly user. 

Phones for the elderly

The Doro Liberto 820 Mini is hearing aid compatible and HD Voice provides extremely clear call quality. This phone also respects just how much the elderly have now taken to technology and the Android OS offers smartphone features including browsing the internet, managing emails and using Voice Search.

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Nokia 108

If an absolute basic mobile phone is desired for an elderly user then the Nokia 108 would fit the bill. This pay as you go phone is extremely affordable, making a perfect gift. 

Nokia 108

The simple form offers the original mobile phone layout with physical keys sitting below the phone’s display. A standby time of up to 31 days can be achieved and even though it is an affordable phone it still has a FM radio, music player and basic camera.

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Microsoft Lumia 550

The Microsoft Lumia 550 is my curve-ball play for any elderly phone user that owns a laptop or desktop PC. This smartphone uses Windows 10 as its operating system so it will look exactly like the Windows 10 OS on a computer, providing a very familiar experience.

The Microsoft Lumia 550 has lots of features that an elderly user will find of benefit. These include the voice activated digital assistant that can set reminders, answer questions, give the weather report and provide traffic information. In fact any reminder that is set on a home computer is automatically synchronised with the phone.

Microsoft Lumia 550

The large 4.7” high-definition display offers clear access to the internet and the powerful quad-core processor can handle any task as well as multitask. A 5MP camera is on board along with a secondary camera for making Skype calls and the battery offers up to 28 days standby.

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This trio of best phones for the elderly offers everything from simple to smart, so there really is a solution for all types of user.

Written by: Michael Brown

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