Best of British: UK Bus Checker

UK Bus Checker

There is nothing wrong with being proud to be British but public transport has for many years retained a bad reputation.

However todays smartphone technologies and pubic transportation companies are working together to tackle some of the inherent problems. 

The UK Bus Checker app is one such solution that may change your mind about public transportation by empowering you, the British public, with real time information.

So let’s take a journey of our own and see if the UK Bus Checker app deserves a permanent place on your smartphone.

UK Bus Checker app

Bus Checker Stops​Finding information about a route and its timetable is pretty easy. This can be achieved by using either the GPS map or by hitting the search icon at the bottom of the screen followed by entering a postcode, street name or town.

If you have your GPS turned on then the app will zoom in to your current location when you open the app, making it even easier to use.

Tapping on a stop will then show you each route number and either the scheduled arrival time or a live countdown to when the bus will arrive at your stop, worked out via the GPS trackers now installed on a large number of buses.

Bus Checker Live Arrivals​Every bus stop on the UK mainland is covered, so this isn’t one of those apps that is only useful to those who live in the big cities.

If you are one of those who gets bored waiting for your stop then you can set an alert to make sure you don’t miss it and then play around with the many settings in the app which effect everything from colour scheme to the alert tones.

Main Features

  • 3D route maps
  • Favourite bus stops
  • Live or scheduled bus times
  • Stop alerts to make sure you don’t miss your stop
  • Diversion, closure and cancellation information

Should I download the Bus Checker app?

My initial thoughts were that this app would only be of interest to regular pubic transport travelers. 

However this really isn’t the case as occasional public transport users like myself will really benefit from having the timetables and routes at hand when planning a journey.

I give this app a big thumbs up and I will not be deleting this app from my smartphone any time soon!

You can download Bus Checker for Android here or for Apple and Windows here.

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Written by: Michael Brown

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