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TV Guide UK

Today begins our Best of British series where we take an in-depth look at smartphone apps that promote the things we love best in the UK.


If there is one thing we love in the United Kingdom it is our TV. Maybe this is due to our wet weather and cold winters but no image captures the British culture better than that of a family sat around the television.

From British soaps to reality TV, sports and blockbuster films we enjoy it all but with the loss of the printed TV guide as newspaper sales dwindle there is a new way that people are discovering the best on TV and it’s not the TV guide built into Freeview, Sky or Virgin!

Today the smartphone, phablet and tablet app delivers the TV schedule and TV streaming to viewers and this can be explored anywhere at any time.

So let’s take a look at one of the best UK TV guide apps.

TV Guide UK

Before we get into the TV Guide UK app I will just highlight that this app is free to download on Android and Apple and I absolutely enjoyed using it and its interactive features including the fact that I could successfully stream UK TV channels at home and abroad, simply click any station icon with a little play symbol next to it in the app to do this.


TV Guide UK menu

Upon opening the TV guide you should first enter the menu followed by settings and  ‘select system/region’ to select your region within the UK along with the TV package you have such as Freeview, BT Vision etc. or you can just pick ‘popular channels’.

If you really want to get into it then you can also, from the settings, sort and select channels to build a custom list of channels you watch, but first of all I recommend exploring the app as you can always go back and do this at a later time.

Now & Next

Now & Next

After setting up the app you are first introduced to the Now & Next page and this superbly shows the next 3 TV shows to be played on each channel. Additionally to this you can see a viewer’s rating and also contribute your own rating to each particular show or film.

I absolutely love the fact that from here you can tap on a channel to open a new tab which includes a synopsis for the program just played and the all of the upcoming programs on that channel.

You can also go one step further and tap on the show to get another new tab that tells you about the cast, shows user reviews, links out to useful sites such as IMDb and Wikipedia and display images of the show in question. Bellow this there are recommendations of other TV shows coming up in similar genres.

Finding TV to watch

Movie trailersHit that menu button again and now you can begin to discover programs that may interest you. You can select upcoming films, sports, trending TV and top rated shows.

If you love films then you will certainly enjoy reading about the cast, viewing pictures and watching trailers of the movies. Remember to hit the plus symbol next to the film and then the alarm clock image to set a reminder and you will never miss the start of a show again.

Should I download this app?

Most definitely yes! I found it very easy to use on my Samsung smartphone, it was very interactive with ratings and reviews and you can even share what you are watching with friends and family.

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Written by: Michael Brown

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