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LiveSport App

We are a nation of sports lovers in the UK and so today with this is mind our Best of British series of articles continues with a look at the app with its promise of ‘Never miss a match again’.

The LiveSport app is free to download across multiple platforms including Apple, Android and BlackBerry powered smartphones.

The app

This smartphone app is really simple to use, even for sports mad mum or dad! Once opened the app introduces you to the All Sports Today page.

All Sports This Week

Navigating around from here is very straightforward, just scroll up or down the page or tap the menu icon in the top right of the screen to visit other pages included within the app. You can swipe your finger from left to right across the top of the screen to refresh the results.

The All Sports Today page lists clearly all of the live sporting events on TV across the major UK broadcasters as well as sports available for live streaming over your internet connection.

There is something to peak anyone’s interests with over 35 different sports from football to Formula 1 and from horse riding to cricket or golf.

Sports To DisplayAs you discover sporting events within the app you can tap them to view which TV channels are covering the event. You will also notice blue and white + symbols next to each TV listing and a quick tap on one of these will add it into your schedule and you will get a calendar reminder pop up before the event begins.

My Schedule

LiveSport menu

The menu of the app will allow you to navigate to several new pages. These include an extended All Sports This Week page and a competition page to win prizes such as signed shirts, Premier League match day tickets, cash, darts and Six Nations tickets.

Sports CompetitionsYou will also find the settings within in this menu and I personally found these very useful. Aside from selecting a time zone, useful if you are on holiday, you can choose which sports to display and which TV channels you have access to.

Should I download the LiveSport app?

If you love sports you will undoubtedly want this app. The real genius of this app is its simplicity making it far easier to find the sporting events you might want to watch compared to a delving into a TV guide.

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Written by: Michael Brown

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