Best of British: First aid by British Red Cross

The British Red Cross

Our Best of British series of articles, which review the best UK apps, continues with one of our finest and oldest organisations, the British Red Cross.

Established in 1870 to help people in crisis, this volunteer-led humanitarian organisation has released a ‘First aid by British Red Cross’ app to help you and people across the world prepare for an emergency.

The Red Cross app is available to download for free on Android and Apple and works offline to give you access to potentially life-saving information, anytime and anywhere.

The Red Cross app

I have to say that the Red Cross app is a joy to use and embellishes everything which an app should. It is simple to use, educational, has a beautiful design and is something that everyone in the UK and worldwide for that matter should download.

British Red Cross app

At 40MB the app downloads quickly and upon opening it you are welcomed by the main screen which houses 5 tabs. These include Learn, Prepare, Emergency, Test and Info.

Learn – Maybe you are on a commute to work or like me looking for something to read during a lunch break. Well, these are the perfect moments to pull out your smartphone and learn about the correct things to do for 18 common first aid scenarios.

Learn first aid

Each section is accompanied by illustrations, animations, simple step-by-step guidance and videos along with a question and answer section.

Prepare – This section will really get you thinking and may encourage you to take action and prepare for possible situations such as house fires of which there are 50,000 each year in the UK.


The before section will get you started here and there is a during section for emergency guidance complete will a quick action button to call 999.You will also find at the base of this section links to first aid help within the app, so for a house fire you will find a quick link to the burns first aid page.

Emergency – Should an emergency occur then tap this button to launch the emergency wizard that will give you quick life-saving advice. The information issued is concise and again a handy call 999 button is present.

Emergency first aid

Test – Unlock achievements here by taking tests to confirm the knowledge you have gained

First aid test

Information – Discover the many elements of the Red Cross organisation here from first aid training to volunteering.

About the British Red Cross

Should I download this app?

Most definitely yes, you cannot carry a first aid book with you 24 hours a day but you can have that information to hand with the British Red Cross app.

You can make a donation to the British Red Cross here.

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Written by: Michael Brown

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