Best In-Car Mobile Accesories

Best In-Car Mobile Accessories

With the advancements in smartphones comes a supposed need for everyone to be contactable all the time, including when they’re driving a car. However, as anyone with a basic knowledge of safety should know, holding a phone to your ear whilst steering a vehicle and trying to concentrate on the road is not a good combination.

Therefore, we’ve got some of the most useful hands-free mobile accessories for inside your car for you to have a browse over. Hopefully to ensure you aren’t another statistic on the increasingly growing list of prosecuted drivers who are risking not only their own lives, but the lives of other motorists too.

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Bracketron TekGrip Power Trip

Bracketron TekGrip

Not only is it a sturdy phone holder, this Power Trip accessory has another crucial function. Whereas a lot of hands-free devices are not supportive of charging whilst a phone is in place, this one actually works as a power source for up to two USB powered phones. No need to worry about your phone dying mid-conversation then. Also, it’s very rigid and the phone will be securely held in place, although if you want to loosen it, there is an adjustable power bracket which allows you to change the rigidness at your will.

Gear Car Vent Phone Holder

Gear Car Vent

Does what it says on the tin? Yep, pretty much. Clips onto anywhere on your car’s air vent and holds your phone in place. But hang on, there’s always a selling point… The Gear Car Vent can rotate 360 degrees so it’s able to switch between an upright view to see your notifications more accessibly, and a horizontal angle to see view navigation tools like Sat Nav. Just don’t manoeuvre it whilst driving for the once again major reason of safety.

iOttie iTap Magnetic Car Vent Smartphone Mount

iOttie iTap Magnetic

Not an entirely unique invention, however, this version of a magnetic Mount device is a slightly more affordable than others available. As with most phone holders it fixes onto an air vent, but for ease of application, you’re required to simply place the phone onto the magnet and it’s secure. The Mount will work with any smartphone and it boasts strong magnets, a fully rotating base and one click, lock and release mechanism; a clever addition for a clever device.

Omaker 3-in-1 Phone Holder

Omaker 3-in-1

If you’re unsure where best to place your phone holder, Omaker’s offering provides a selection of options thanks to its 3-in-1 feature. Whether you would prefer it clipped on the air vent, on the windscreen or sat on top of your dashboard, the phone holder can be situated wherever suits you best. This is unsurprisingly an already huge seller because of its practicality, as well as the side bars on the holder which the phone locked in and not rattling all over the car.    

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Which of these in-car accessories would you most prefer? Do you have any preference for where you’d place it? Please let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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