Best Free Gifts with Mobile Phone Deals

Frebies with mobile phone deals

It’s not too often you get something for free nowadays, in fact, it’s very rare! But to tempt you into getting deals with them, plenty of smartphone retailers offer you some goodies with their mobile phone contracts.

But what are the best freebies you can get with your next smartphone contract? Is it really worth grabbing a deal with a free gift? Let’s take a look!

Get free gifts with contract mobile phones

Flat screen TVs

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a TV in their house? But if your TV is on the fritz, or if you fancy an upgrade, why not get a TV for free with your mobile phone contract?

There are plenty of deals out there available with 32” or 42” TVs included, meaning you won’t need to stick with that tiny screen in your bedroom anymore.

Whilst deals with TVs do tend to be more expensive than those with some other gifts, it’s easily one of the more attractive deals you can find on the market if you’re after a free gift.

Games Consoles

Free games consoles with mobile phone deals

If you’re more of a gamer than a television nut then this is the free gift to suit you.

Even some of the latest game console offerings, like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 are available for free with phone contracts, meaning you can play to your heart’s content whilst you’re on the phone with whomever you happen to call.

Of course, some deals with older consoles can be found at a lower monthly cost, but if you need a new phone and fancy a new games console as well, why not consider getting one for free?


Free tablets with mobile phone deals

Tablets and smartphones go hand in hand, so if you fancy grabbing one of each, you could be lucky enough to get one of them for free if you find the right deal.

Some deals can offer a brand new top of the range iPad Air with their mobiles, whilst other opt for a more budget based tablet to go with your phone, but either way you’ll be leaving with two of the latest technological innovations.

Prices tend to be fairly cheap compared to other deals with free gifts, especially with less powerful tablets, so you won’t be paying through the nose for your new deal either.

Audio Equipment

Free Beats headphones with mobile phone deals

A favourite amongst many smartphone retailers, deals with headphones, speakers and other musical equipment often being used to tempt customers in.

The best part of these deals is that the added gift doesn’t normally alter the monthly price of the handset all that much, and you can actually use the phone with the gift you’re getting.

It is even possible to get a pair of high-quality and high-value Beats headphones.


Yeah sure, a TV, games console or tablet is all well and good, but sometimes nothing can beat cold, hard cash.

Thankfully there are plenty of deals out there which you can get with free cashback, normally coming in two different kinds.

Automatic Cashback: This is the type of cashback is given to you the moment you take out a smartphone contract, often in one lump sum.

Cashback by Redemption: Cashback by Redemption is when you have to speak to your network supplier during specific windows. Whilst cashback by redemption deals often offer more money overall, it requires you to ring your provider, not the other way around. This means that if you miss your opportunity, you’ll no longer get your cashback.

Automatic cashback can be lower in terms of payment, but is easier to handle as it’s given to you right away, making for an easier transaction in the long term.

Free gift vouchers with mobile phones

So there you have it, there are some of the best gifts you can get with a brand new mobile contract. What would be your preferred gift? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by: Michael Brown

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