The Best Apps For Foodies

Do you take too many pictures of your food?

Gone are the days of cutting out recipes from magazine pages and adding them to a folder labelled 'To Try', only to never look at them again. Now you can pick out your favourite recipes to ignore on your phone.

But seriously, apps are a fantastic way to learn about, share, and enjoy the food on your plate. From takeaway orders to fancy roast dinners, you can find all you need with just one swipe of your thumb. 

Here are our favourite apps for the foodies among us.

Best Budgeting Apps

Allthecooks - A Social Networking App


Are your friends getting tired of seeing pictures of every dish you make on their Instagram feed? Maybe you should consider joining Allthecooks, a social networking app designed especially for food enthusiasts.

You can post your own recipes – and many, many pictures – to your profile; other users can try out and leave reviews on your creations. There is also a forum where you can exchange tips and ideas, and competitions to enter – hopefully you'll win the 'Master Chef' badge soon.

Allthecooks is free to download on iPhone, Android and Windows.

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Epicurious - Crowned the best

With more than 28,000 recipes available to browse, Epicurious takes the crown as the best free recipe app out there. You can search for a recipe by cuisine, dietary requirements, or the ingredients in your fridge.

You can also add recipes to your favourites, and search through the seasonal recipes on the homepage – perfect for the holiday season!

Epicurious is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

The Perfect Egg Timer

It all boils down to this

It might seem simple, but achieving the perfect boiled egg is a huge milestone for every cook. The Perfect Egg Timer is here to help you in your journey towards eggs-ellency. (Sorry).

The app brings chemistry to your kitchen, making every step of the process an exact science. It lets you choose boiling method, altitude, egg temperature and how well done your egg should be, then sets a timer for you. You'll never have to deal with undercooked egg whites again.

The Perfect Egg timer is 69p on the Apple App Store only.

OpenTable - For those that dine out

If you are of the dining out type, rather than a passionate cook, (or if you're both!), OpenTable will make booking tables at any restaurant easy as pie.

With 32,000 restaurants available to reserve at worldwide and an incredible search function (type in your party size, date and time, cuisine and price, and a long list of suggestions pops up), this app is a necessary addition to your 'Food' folder.

It is free and available on iPhone and Android.

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JustEat - For the perfect takeaway


Although we have built a deep personal relationship with the lady behind the Chinese takeaway counter, sometimes only a curry will do. (Or a pizza, or a burger, or sushi… How many takeaways a week is too many again?)

JustEat is the leading app on the market, available for free on iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android

It uses your postcode to locate open takeaway places near you – you can choose to rank them by distance or star rating. Pick your meal, choose to pay by card or cash at the door, and in no time you'll have a 12-inch pizza or three to go with your Lord of the Rings marathon...

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