Wearable Tech to Kick-start your Fitness Regime

Wearable fitness

So you’ve decided to lose a couple pounds, or maybe try and boost your fitness levels, either way you’ve set your mind on getting your fitness regime in order. But did you know that there’s a way you can implement some technology into your workouts to help boost your chances of getting fit?

Wearable fitness technology is the ideal addition to your smartphone that help track your exercise plans, and we’re here to take a look at the best it has to offer! So with no further ado, here are our favourite fitness based pieces of wearable tech!

Fitbit Flex

Do you think Fitbit Flex could be the best fitness wearable on the market?

One of the most stylish and simple fitness trackers we’ve ever seen, the Fitbit flex offers Bluetooth, NFC and a week-long battery to make it incredibly easy to use.

It lets you set goals and works with plenty of different smartphones regardless of brand. Using five simple notification lights, it will track your completion rates of each target you set in 20% increments, which can be altered through the wearable fitness app on your phone.

It comes in a selection of bold colours to meet any fashion forward user’s demands, and even tracks your usage rates step by step.

Plus, with a sleep tracker, vibrating alarm system and a very attractive user interface, the Fitbit Flex is definitely a sporty fitness band worth investing in!

Samsung Gear Fit

Do you own a Samsung smartphone? Maybe the Gear Fit's for you?

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Samsung’s very own take on the fitness tracking wearable, the Samsung Gear Fit works only with an exclusive selection of products like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and other similar handsets, but integrates with the S Health app perfectly.

Obviously not an option if you’re outside of the Samsung ecosystem, it offers a brilliant curved screen display, with touch capabilities.

Offering plenty of themes and the ability to display notifications from your Samsung smartphone, the Gear Fit is the perfect companion for both day to day life and during your workouts.

It tracks movement, offers a heart rate monitor and also keeps an eye on your sleeping patterns as well as your exercise regime.

Whilst it is fairly pricey compared to other similar equipment, it does the job brilliantly if you’re a Samsung fan.

Swarovski Shine

What's your take on this stunning fitness tracking wearable?

It doesn't look like your traditional fitness tracking wearable that's for sure, but it offers a surprising number of activity tracking features for you to play with.

The giant crystal is actually a sleep tracker and can be compatible with a number of fashion accessories, like watch bands, bracelets and pendants.

The fancy looking sports based wearable also keeps track of steps taken, calories consumed and sleep quality. It might not offer a display or some of the more hi-tech fitness tracking features, but it looks stunning and is sure to be a hit with the ladies.

Nike+ Fuelband

Have you ever used the Nike+ Fuelband?

If you’re after a big name sports brand to help you with your workout then look no further than the Nike+ Fuelband.

Allowing you to collect ‘Fuelpoints’ to compete with your other workout loving friends, the Nike+ Fuelband adds an emphasis on competition to push you further with your selected goals.

The app is extremely user friendly and can also be linked with other Nike+ equipment to make it more immersive, with several shoes now packing the tech, making your runs increasingly interactive.

One issue we found with the Fuelband is the price, which seems to be driven up simply because it’s made by Nike, but then again you’re also guaranteed quality from such a big name brand.

Apple Watch

If you have an iPhone, why not try out the Apple Watch?

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It’s taken a while but Apple is finally hitting the wearable fitness market with the Apple Watch to get 2015 going, and it looks like it could be ideal for exercise loving iPhone users out there.

It links smoothly with Apple’s Health app, which was implemented on the latest version of iOS, and records your heart rate using a similar method to that on the Samsung Gear Fit, making it very competitive with other fitness wearables out there.

Having a specific sport style design the Apple Watch boasts a great look, and also features a touch screen and digital crown control system, meaning you can use it in practical and effective ways, even in the middle of a workout.

Also linking with all of your iPhone’s notifications, you can use the Apple Watch on a daily basis for regular tasks like checking emails and replying to texts. It’s likely to cost a fair bit, but if you’re an iPhone user it’s definitely the best wearable tech you can get.

Mio Fuse

Would you like to buy the Mio Fuse?

Designed specifically for health activity tracking, the Mio Fuse offers up arguably the best heart rate tracking of any wearable technology on the market, claiming to offer EKG-esque results.

Data can be transmitted to both Android and iPhone devices, meaning that it covers most of the smartphone market with its fitness tracking capabilities.

Plus, with water resistance down to 30m, the Mio Fuse is also one of the most durable pieces of wearable exercise kit on the market right now, and in theory should be able to track your heart rate whilst swimming.

Unfortunately, we're still waiting on a release date for this fitness tracking hardware, so for now you'll have to manage your workout without it!

JawBone UP24

The JawBone UP24 is arguably the best looking wearable ever!

Not the most well-known fitness tracker on the market by any means but arguably one of the best, the JawBone UP24 boasts a truly amazing design.

Without a display, the UP24 uses its vibration communication system to warn you when you’ve been still for too long, and also lets you know when you’re getting close to your daily exercise targets.

Linking easily with its accompanying app, the fitness tracker can be used alongside a multitude of different handsets, and even tracks your sleeping patterns.

Similarly to the Fitbit Flex, the UP24 uses its vibration capability to wake you up in the morning, but does so when you’re sleep is at its lightest state, to ensure that you wake up as fresh as a daisy!

Garmin Vivoactive

Do you like the look of the Garmin Vivoactive?

Revealed at CES 2015, the Garmin Vivoactive works with both Android and Apple devices, as well as looking the part on the design side of things.

It can track all of your standard exercises like running and cycling, whilst also offering extra functions like keeping an eye on your game of golf.

Obviously, the Garmin wearable exercise kit also ensures that all of your messages and emails are given to you as well, making for an all-round piece of kit to keep you going throughout your workout.

So, that’s just a selection of the best wearable fitness technology we’ve found. Do you know of any more? If so, why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield