On the Catwalk: The Best Beautiful Smartphones

What is the most Beautiful Smartphone?

Smartphone specs are always important when it comes down to buying a new phone, and for obvious reasons.

But looks are also one of the most important factors, simply because if we don’t like how something looks, we aren’t going to get it, which generally means these turning into the most popular mobile phones.

But which smartphones are the best looking, and what separates them from the rest of the chasing pack?

HTC 10

The HTC 10 improves upon previous design ethos by stretching out further the chamfered contours. The dual textured finish and highly polished metal body catches and reflects the light of its surrounding environment.

HTC 10 design

On the front a single piece of glass stretches from edge-to-edge and by redesigning the speakers and changing their location, there is now a sleeker look that delivers improved sound quality.

HTC 10 Review

On the side of the metallic body there is a volume key and underneath this there is a textured power/wake button. This textured button affirms the premium build and enables the finger to find the right button, by touch alone.

HTC 10

There is substance behind the beauty and during the design process, the HTC 10 was subjected to extreme durability tests, which included 10,000 drop, corrosion and scratch tests.

Apple iPhone SE

In my Apple iPhone SE review, we discovered what could easily be described as the best small smartphone in the world.

Apple iPhone SE

The small 4” Retina display is perfectly sized for the small-device end of the market. The iPhone SE is as light as a feather at 113g and has a respectable body width of 7.6mm.

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The bead-blasted aluminium finish gives a satin look that is contrasted against matte chamfered edges. In addition to these contrasting finishes there is a stainless steel logo on the back that is colour matched to the phone.

iPhone SE design

The final design details include a fingerprint sensor that is built into the home key and engraved + and - fonts on the volume keys.

Sony Xperia X

The Sony Xperia X, launching early summer 2016, has one of the most refined designs in the smartphone world.

Sony Xperia X

The seamless metal back meets the side of the phone where not a sharp edge in sight. On the front, there is a 5” display that has curved glass edges, often referred to as 2.5D, and this gives the screen an almost floating illusion.

Xperia X review

A choice of colour schemes is offered and these include Graphite Black, Lime Gold, Rose Gold and White. To complete the colour scheme, the lock screen is colour-matched to the back and sides.

Sony Xperia X design

The final Sony design gems includes a silver coloured fingerprint sensor on the sides and this sits about the volume keys, which have been placed towards the bottom to ensure they don’t interfere with holders grip.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

In my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review, we uncovered the best Samsung design yet, where a new manufacturing process used.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

3D Thermoforming is used to melt the 3D glass so that its curved form meets the curved form of the metal alloy body with seamless precision.

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The thin 7.7mm form includes a dual-curved back, where the camera module does not protrude, like it did on previous Galaxy models. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also one of the most practical new 2016 smartphones with its water and dust resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge design

The final design element that further beautifies this phone is a large 5.5” display that has an Always-ON feature, that saves the user waking up the phone to check notifications, the time and date. 


My LG G5 review reported on possibly the most innovative smartphone design of 2016, with a module at the bottom of the phone, which unplugs and can be replaced by other modules to give extra features, such advanced photography.


The LG G5 has the now typical uninterrupted combination of metal and glass and without an antenna slot, it has one of the cleanest looks.  

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On the rear, beauty is redefined as the camera module has a stretched out appearance, due to it accommodating two camera lenses. Beneath this sits a fingerprint sensor, placed for natural wake-up and unlock with the index finger.

LG G5 design

Once again we see the inclusion of an always-on display and this time it measures 5.3”. Couple this with the ultimate outdoor visibility, through a display that is 60% more bright, and we have an eye-catching device that will attract a lot of attention. Looking for something a bit different, check out the lightest phones on the market today, generally they are easier to use as they maybe alot slimmer too.

What do you think? Do you know of any prettier smartphones out there? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by: Michael Brown

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