The Craziest April Fools Products of All Time!

April Fools

It’s not too often that we can get away with pranking our friends and family, so when April 1st rolls around each year it’s no surprise to see a lot of illegitimate products make the rounds online.

But which of these products were the most intriguing? Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous and interesting April Fools technology products!

Google Translate (Animal Version)

Who wouldn’t want to be Dr Dolittle? Back in 2009, Google ‘launched’ its translate app for animals, giving pet owners the ability to actually figure out what their needy animals actually wanted.

Google even went as far as releasing a video about the product, showcasing its abilities to the masses to make it seem more believable. As you’d expect, a fair few people were duped by the launch – leading to mass disappointment for pets and humans alike.

Toshiba Tubetop

What do you make of the Toshiba Tube Top?

No, we aren’t talking about fashion unfortunately – instead Toshiba faked a launch several years back about an amphibious laptop which boasted an inflatable inner-tube.

Meant for those baths which needed to offer a bit more productivity, by pressing Ctrl + Alt + P + U + M + P, the base would inflate. Obviously this is one of the less believable devices going, but it still had a fair few people second guessing.

Peugeot RCZ: Mood Car

Admittedly a pretty cool idea, Peugeot’s RCZ car from 2012 featured something called Psychochromatic coating (or mood paint), which changed depending on the driver’s mood.

This meant that during those episodes of road rage, your car would be likely to turn bright red, whilst if you were pretty chilled out it would glow green. Plenty of fancy sensors were also touted on the fake product launch, but it all turned out to be a big joke.

If only our cars turned blue because of how sad we are about this car not being real, eh?

Nokia 3310 Makeover

Who wouldn't want this smartphone?

Oh we’re still majorly annoyed about this one…

Nokia tricked the entire world back in 2014, when it showed us this Nokia 3310 makeover product – boasting the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Coming in a bright array of colours and with Nokia’s PureView 42 megapixel lens on the back, we all got hyped about this throwback handset. Of course, plenty of us were all drooling over the device only to realise that it was nothing but a fallacy.

This pretty much destroyed our souls last year; luckily there hasn’t been anything quite as convincing from Nokia since!

Glass Bottomed Virgin Plane

No thanks Virgin, we can do without a glass bottomed plane!

What makes hurtling through the air at 400mph even more entertaining? That’s right, and eagle eye view of the area beneath you!

Whilst glass bottomed boats are genuine, this Airbus plane from Virgin was an April Fool which would deter any shaky fight passenger.

Virgin gave us a fairly detailed Photoshopped picture of the plane itself which did manage to convince some online followers, but in general many questioned the joke before falling for it.

We think we’d rather stick to the in-flight movie if you ask us!


A bit of a jibe about the ever growing trend of building small laptop computers from Sony – the VAIO Q was ‘unveiled’ back in 2012.

It was penned as the world’s smallest Ultrabook, the VAIO Q boasted a tiny 0.75”x1.25” display which looked ridiculously small, whilst also boasting full HD quality.

As you can imagine, with such a small screen to use – the keyboard itself is also practically impossible to use without the assistance of a microscope and needle.

However, you definitely wouldn’t be able to find anything more portable!

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Would you really use this Samsung phone?

If you really want a new smartphone, you can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge now!

One of this year’s efforts – the Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge is a joke product surrounding the release of the Galaxy S6 Edge, only being an ideal addition for the kitchen as well.

Offering a knife blade alongside all of your standard S6 Edge features, you get a folding handle and finger detection technology – ensuring that you won’t end up slicing off your fingers whilst playing a game of Flappy Bird.

Unfortunately for chefs and Samsung fans, this product is a fake, and didn’t really convince too many people, but it was a valiant effort from Samsung.

So, what do you make of these fake April Fools products? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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