Best Apps for Selling and Buying Used Stuff

Rid your closet of unwanted clothes with these apps.

Whether you need a little extra cash or you’ve just KonMari-ed your entire wardrobe, you may be looking for ways to sell your old clothes, furniture, or books. Or maybe you’ve just moved into your new flat, and you’re looking for a cheap sofa in your area.

Either way, while eBay or Gumtree may be the most popular choices, there is also a large number of mobile apps you can use to sell or buy used stuff directly from your smartphone.

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Vinted allows you to sell, swap, or buy pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories. It’s fairly simple to use – simply create an account, and start listing the clothes you want to be rid of.

You can follow people and brands, favourite items, and buy or swap anything that takes your fancy. When it comes to selling, the app makes it incredibly easy for you: they advise you on which postage method to choose, and let you know once your package has reached the buyer. The payment will then be credited to your account.

Vinted is free to download for iOS and Android. The app makes its revenue by taking a percentage of the sales you make – 15%, with a minimum of £1 per transaction.



A ‘boot sale on the go’, Shpock is an app which offers local selling, buying and trading options. Upon signing in, you’re taken to a screen which lists all items for sale near you.

Shpock boasts a large range of product categories, from Books to Home and Garden. The app is particularly useful for people looking to sell bulkier items, like furniture or cars – it’s much easier to transport locally than send to the other end of the country.

Another advantage of Shpock is the lack of fees. It’s completely free to list your items, and all the money from a sale goes directly to you. It’s also free to download on both iPhone and Android.

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Wallapop’s creators have dubbed it a ‘virtual, mobile flea market’. You can buy and sell items from a large number of categories, like fashion, or electronics.

The app’s interface is pleasing and user-friendly, and shows you what items are available in your area. If you see something you like, you can start chatting to the seller – useful for haggling, and making sure you’re buying from someone trustworthy.

To sell your own items, simply take a picture, add a description, and choose a category. Listing your items on the app is free. Wallapop is available on iOS and Android.



Although marketed as a freecycling app (it’s integrated with website Freegle), Snaply does also offer the option to sell unwanted items.

To give away or sell something, take a picture and upload it to the app with a description. The app will then automatically add your listing to the Freegle website and post your location. People can then ask about your item, or request to buy it immediately.

You may find that more people on the app are looking for free objects. Still, Snaply is a great way of decluttering your home while avoiding sending too much rubbish to landfill. Download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now!

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