Best apps for the winter

Best apps for winter

Winter has well and truly begun, and boy, hasn’t it got cold?!

Here are just a selection of apps which can help you get prepared for the winter…

RAC Traffic

When the front pages of the newspapers are plastered with weather-related warnings, you’re going to need to know whether it’s worth making the trip into work, or whether you can simply roll over and go back to sleep in the morning…

One simple way of ensuring that you don’t get trapped by closed roads, icy motorways and flooded paths is to download the RAC Traffic app, for free from the Google Play Store.

It only takes a matter of seconds to identify whether your normal route is affected by any insurgence of snow, rain or ice, saving you a whole lot of hassle.


Swackett isn’t just any regular weather app; when it’s cold outside, it’s hard to tell whether 10°C means ‘grab a scarf’ or ‘take your duvet to work with you’, and that’s where Swackett steps in.

Not only does the app tell you the temperature outside, it also tells you what temperature it will actually feel like, depending to the rain or wind.

 You can even get an insight into what you should wear, with Swackett’s little ‘peeps’ donning the latest fashions in the form of high-vis coats and big-style sunglasses.


Crackle is the perfect Android app for those cold winter nights. Without having to sign up or subscribe, you can access thousands of movies and TV shows, including all the Christmas favourites.

So next time you fancy sheltering from the cold with a mug of hot chocolate and a pair of fluffy slippers, take a look at what Crackle has to offer!

Christmas Recipes - Winter Drinks for Christmas & Holiday Season

No festive season is complete without a healthy dose of winter warming drinks, and this iPhone app is great for keeping the ideas flowing when it comes to jazzing up your simple eggnog at Christmas.


Create some real delights, from Viennese warm chocolate to orange punch tea, using the simple to follow recipes, all for $0.99 (60p)!

Allthecooks Recipes

When it’s cold outside all you need is a nice hearty soup to warm your cockles, then all you need is the Allthecooks Recipes app, free to download from the Google Play store.

Choose from the range of home-cooked recipes, from soups to stews, casseroles to roast dinners to ensure you don’t go hungry this season. Everyone needs an extra layer of fat during the winter, right?

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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