Battle of the Voice Assistants: Siri vs Cortana vs S Voice

Battle of the Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are becoming a common sight and sound when it comes to smartphones, with Apple, Samsung and now Windows heavily investing in the technology.

But as Windows enter the fray with Cortana, set to join the system with the 8.1 update later this year, we’ve decided to find out which smartphone voice assistant is best.

So in this three way tussle, let’s find out who wins the battle of the voice assistants!

The Original: Siri

Whenever you mention voice assistants, Siri is always the first name that springs to mind.

Siri’s like the enigmatic hero of the voice assistant world, similar to Muhammad Ali in the boxing ring, or Michael Jackson on stage.

But has Siri really lived up to the hype? You’d have to say yes if you consider the success it has had.

Siri made its debut on the iPhone 4s all the way back in 2011, and took the world by storm, letting us have seemingly intelligent conversations with our phones.

The information we got was top notch, and the comedy factor was also there, with Siri often coming out with some very unexpected responses.

To put it simply, Siri really was the first voice assistant you could rely upon to get you the information you needed, with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Even now, people will buy an iPhone 4s, mainly because of the low price access to the voice assistant software that is still considered the best of the bunch.

The only question now for Siri, is if the bubble will burst.

Is Siri the King or Queen of Voice Assistants?

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The Confused Contender: S Voice

Samsung’s reply to the Apple release of Siri was S Voice, a voice controlled assistant which was released in 2012 on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Unfortunately for Samsung, S Voice didn’t get the amount of publicity that Siri did, and struggled to gain a footing against Apple’s seemingly untouchable assistant.

Samsung has stuck with it though, and whilst the software isn’t quite up there with Siri, it is definitely something users can be happy with as one of the many Samsung Galaxy features.

Google also jumped on board with Google Now, which has overtaken S Voice since its release, becoming the most widely used voice assistant feature on Android handsets.

But S Voice has carried on fighting, and despite being kept on the down-low so to speak, it has managed to build up a cult following in the Samsung market.

Although it may never quite punch at Siri very effectively, S Voice is still a solid competitor on the voice assistant market.

Is S Voice keeping up with the other voice assistants?

The Confident New Challenger: Cortana

Windows has finally begun to release details on its version of the voice assistant, which is set to be a real blockbuster.

Named Cortana, after the famous artificial intelligence character from the gaming series Halo, Cortana is voiced by the same actress who also voiced the games’ troubled character.

But it isn’t all smoke and mirrors behind a well-known voice, Cortana is promising some really innovative features.

First up is the increased intelligence on a social level, unlike Siri or S Voice, Cortana gets to know you, letting you know things that you haven’t necessarily asked her beforehand.

The Bing search engine is the source of this intelligence, and it works by relating things to your previous search history.

So, if you found tickets for a flight through Cortana, she will recognise when you enter the airport, so when you unlock the handset, the boarding pass will be on the screen already.

Also, Cortana will have access to third party apps, allowing her to communicate to everything from your official Windows apps, all the way down to Sky Sports etc.

Is Cortana good enough to challenge Siri?

Who’s Coming Out on Top?

This is definitely a close fight here, and one which is tough to call, especially seeing as Cortana hasn’t hit the public domain yet.

Siri is above S Voice right now, and Google Now is probably the closest competition, but Cortana could be a dark horse for sure.

We’ll have to wait and see just how many promises Cortana can live up to, but if she does as promised, we could see a new leader in this race.

Which voice assistant do you think comes out on top? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

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