Back to Basics with the Nokia 230

Nokia 230

Feature phones aren’t always considered the kings of cool. They aren’t very big, don’t tend to look all that good and their specs all but underwhelm most flagship fans.

However, they still have a deserved place on the market, offering potential buyers a simple way of getting in touch with their contacts for a cheap price, without confusing them with countless features and tricks.

Enter the Nokia 230, the latest feature phone to offer itself to the masses, bringing a budget price tag that’s in stark contrast to some of the latest flagship phones on the market. But is it really worth investing in?

A Metal Feature Phone

Is the Nokia 230 the best feature phone ever?

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Arguably the biggest and most noticeable feature to appear on the Nokia 230 is the metallic chassis that finds its way onto the back of the device. This doesn’t just make the Nokia handset that little bit stronger, but also gives it the edge on practically every other phone of its kind.

Normally metallic builds are costly and far too expensive to include on your average feature phone. In fact, there are very few mid-rangers which pack this kind of construction – making it more of a flagship kind of style. However, the Nokia 230 has cracked it, and it looks great.

Admittedly, it doesn’t cover the entire handset, instead focusing on just the back of the handset to provide a more minimal look and feel without going overboard.

The rest of the design is just what you might expect from a budget Nokia device, with no touch screen in sight. The physical keypad takes charge of controlling the phone, whilst its smaller 2.8” screen isn’t too spectacular, but does the job.

You’ll be more than accustomed to the candy bar style if you’ve used older Nokia phones, and it certainly doesn’t threaten to overfill your pockets. On top of that, at less than 100g it’s also incredibly light and easy to handle.

The Standard Feature Phone Specs

One part of the Nokia 230 which certainly won’t be wowing the crowds is its spec sheet, which as you’d expect, doesn’t match up with any kind of flagship phone.

The 2.8” display we’ve already mentioned isn’t exactly ideal for watching video with its 240x320 resolution. In fact, even if you did want to watch a film, unless you have a MicroSD card handy, you won’t be playing much video with its cosy 1000 contact memory and 16MB RAM.

Will you be buying the Nokia 230?

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A 1200mAh battery is included, providing a bit of a throwback in the longevity department, with the Nokia 230 powering along for a whole month – much better than the standard issue day we get from most phones nowadays.

As a whole, the specs were never going to be too exciting on the Nokia phone, but it does its job of keeping you in touch with your contacts well, although you won’t be cruising through your YouTube playlists with quite as much ease as you would on an iPhone.

A Flashy Feature Phone Camera

The area where most feature phones tend to fall flat is with their cameras, however the Nokia 230 actually breaks that trend by sporting a dual set of 2 megapixel lenses on either side of the phone.

Whilst this kind of quality won’t be matching up with the best camera phones of the year, they stand head and shoulders above other feature phone offerings, with a front facing lens especially rare.

This means that you needn’t miss out on those must have photo moments just because you’re sporting a cheaper device, a problem which dogged many feature phones up until now.

Of course, due to the nature of the phone, you won’t be updating your Instagram feed or Snapchat story all that often, but if you spot something which you want to keep for the ages – the Nokia 230 will have you covered.

Cheap as Chips

One thing which is a certainty for the Nokia 230 is that it won’t be costing you an arm and a leg to pick up. In fact, with a price tag set to meet the £35 SIM-free mark, it happens to be one of the cheapest phones on today’s market.

The Nokia 230 boasts one of the better feature phone cameras...

Of course, if you’d like to keep some extra songs or data on the device you’ll need to shell out for a MicroSD card to go alongside it, but even that won’t be setting you back all that much.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with touch screens, or just need a backup phone to keep you going, you won’t find many other phones as good as the Nokia 230 for less than the price of a night on the town.

What do you make of the Nokia 230? Do you think it’s the best feature phone on the market? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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