Apple Watch Series 2 - What's New?

What's new on the Apple Watch 2?

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the stars of Apple’s launch event last week – undeniably – and we can’t wait to get our hands on our new handset! (You can pre-order your own here. We’re obsessed with this new Jet Black colour.)

But with no new MacBook on the horizon, it was time for the latest Apple Watch model to take centre stage and enjoy some time in the spotlight. The Apple Watch Series 2 brings brand new features to the table, and despite the fact that the first-generation Apple Watch faced some criticism, we think this new model will certainly make a splash. (It’s waterproof. Get it?)

Based on what we discovered about the new Apple smartwatch last week, here’s 5 new features we bet everyone will love – and might even take Apple from the second best-selling watch brand in the world to the coveted first place. Take that, Rolex.

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1. WatchOS 3

The brand new operating system dedicated exclusively to the Apple Watch, watchOS 3, is finally here and bringing many new exciting features to the table. From instant app launching and faster switching between watch faces, to better messaging and activity sharing – watchOS 3 is better and more performant than ever before.

What’s really exciting about the new OS, though, is the addition of a dedicated Pokémon Go app – which will integrate Pokémon hunting into the watch’s activity tracker, so you don’t need to have the app open on your phone for it to count your steps and hatch your eggs.

2. Water Resistance

The iPhone 7 not being completely waterproof was a little disappointing (although its IP67 rating is perfectly acceptable), so it’s nice to see Apple putting more effort into making the newest smartwatch water-resistant: its speaker features a mechanism which is designed to push water out and stop it from infiltrating the circuits, thus making the watch waterproof up to 50m under water.

The new waterproof watch now offers swim tracking as well as the regular activity tracking, for both open and pool swimming – counting laps and tracking pace, as well as auto-detecting the type of stroke you’re swimming in.

3. 2nd-Generation Chip

The new Apple Watch comes equipped with a much, much better processor than its predecessor – the dual-core chip gives a performance that is 50% better and faster than before. It also backs a brand new GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which also doubles the Watch’s performance – graphics and image quality are now twice as good.

The runner-oriented Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

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4. Built-In GPS

Apple finally gave in to users’ demands and added GPS to its new Apple Watch, so you’ll no longer have to run with your phone in your pocket (or armband, if you’re extra fancy and a dedicated runner) to be able to track your location and the number of miles you’ve ran – as well as a precise measurement of your speed and pace.

This makes the Apple Watch Series 2 a perfect option for runners (and swimmers!) Route maps will now be saved to your iPhone’s Activity app (once you upgrade to iOS 10). What’s more, Apple has now entered into a partnership with Nike – a version of the Apple Watch named the Apple Watch Nike+ is expected to be released in October, complete with a brand new band and an updated Nike+ Run Club app.

5. New Straps and Styles

The Apple Watch might not look as good as a Rolex, but it might soon become more fashionable with the launch of a new material – “white ceramic”, said to be four times harder and more resistant than stainless steel, the smartwatch’s current material of choice.

What’s more, the fashionistas among us will also be treated to some new Hermes watch straps, which include a double-buckle strap. The Nike+ version of the watch will feature a totally different, black and light green look and a perforated strap to allow the skin to ‘breathe’ while performing exercise.

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