A Brief History of Apple's Most Iconic Devices

Apple is the world's most valuable company.

Apple turned 40 last week! The company, founded in 1976 under the name Apple Computers, Inc., has become one of the most famous and successful smartphone manufacturers in the world - whether everyone likes it or not - and is valued at more than £461 billion.

Over the years, Apple moved from being a computer manufacturer to a broader range of devices, from music to phones and tablets… We take a look at 6 of Apple’s most iconic products:

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1998: iMac G3

iMac G3

The iconic design of the iMac G3 (some love it, some have dubbed it 'ugliest tech ever') represented the first move towards what is now Apple’s easily recognisable look. It was also responsible for saving the company from a financial catastrophe, as it had been struggling for the better part of the nineties.

1999: iBook G3

iBook G3

Following the iMac, Apple released the iBook G3, aiming to target the education market, as well as consumers looking for more affordable products. And who can forget its appearance in Legally Blonde - it was one of the best product placements of all time! The iBook G3 followed in the footstep of the iMac with its design, and was available in a range of bright colours, far from the minimalist silver of today's MacBooks.

2001: iPod

iPod first generation

Dubbed “the Walkman of the twenty-first century”, the very first iPod had a black and white display and only 5GB of storage – which was still enough for “1,000 songs in your pocket”. It also sported a mechanical scroll wheel, which would remain one of the most distinctive features of later iPod models, until it was abandoned with the release of the iPod Touch.

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2007: iPhone

The evolution of the iPhone

The release of the iPhone changed everything. It made touchscreen the standard for every mobile phone that followed (how quickly we all moved on from our beloved BlackBerry keyboards) and introduced the iconic design which every iPhone has sported since.

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2008: MacBook Air

MacBook Air

When the MacBook Air came out in 2008, it immediately gained fame for being the world’s thinnest notebook – measuring a tiny 0.16 inches at its thinnest point. It is also lighter than most of its competitors, and has become Apple’s best-selling notebook of all time.

2010: iPad


The word ‘tablet’ has become almost synonymous with iPad – Apple dominates the market share, and the company has already sold more than 170 million iPads since the release of the first model. The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is now shipping globally – will you be getting your hands on one?  

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