Apple Pay on the iPhone 6: What is it?

What is Apple Pay?

The iPhone 6 has taken the technology market by storm since its announcement, getting fans foaming at the mouth with its array of brand new features and specs.

Apple Pay is one of those features which is drawing a lot of the attention, but what is it exactly and how do you use it?

To help guide you through these uncharted waters, we’ve decided to give you a glance at the feature, so you can make your mind up about it.

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What is Apple Pay and how do you use it?

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the latest feature to roll off the iOS conveyor belt, this time threatening to make your wallet or purse redundant.

The app essentially takes your credit card or debit card details, and uses them when paying for things through NFC, much like the contactless cards we see today.

You simply hold down the TouchID fingerprint scanner on the phone when placing it over the contactless reader, and as if by magic you will have paid for it.

It’s valid with a number of credit card companies already, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

How Can I Use it on the iPhone 6?

The first thing to know is that Apple Pay isn’t quite a part of iOS 8 yet, meaning that it won’t be on the iPhone 6 until October, so you’ll have to wait around a month or so if you grab the Apple handset at launch.

Once you do have it however, it’s easy to get started with, as you can enter your card details manually, or by taking a picture of said card with your camera.

The first card you register will be considered your default payment method, but you can of course select other cards to pay with.

All of your payment cards can be found in the Passbook, which until now has housed tickets, loyalty cards and vouchers.

From here on you can simply use the feature by holding the handset over the contactless payment machine at over 220,000 stores so far and registering your fingerprint.

There’s no need to open any apps or find your way through your phone, it’s a simple technique which takes a matter of seconds.

Also, when the Apple Watch makes an appearance in early 2015, the feature will work through your wearable as well, as long as it’s linked to your iPhone 6 of course!

Will Apple Pay be safe to use?

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Are my card details safe?

Whenever money is involved, safety is paramount. This is exactly the route Apple has taken as well to ensure that your cards remain secure even if your iPhone goes missing.

The first layer of security comes when you actually register the card on your device. Instead of keeping your details on the phone for Apple to gander at, the feature uses them to make an individual account number and pin kept in a secure chip on the iPhone 6.

No information is uploaded to Apple’s servers and your card number and security code aren’t used when paying, meaning that if you were to lose your phone, your card doesn’t need to be cancelled.

The most obvious piece of security during payment is the use of your fingerprint, which is unique to you and no one else, meaning even if someone did have access to your phone, they couldn’t use the feature anyway.

Finally, if the worst does happen and your phone does go missing, for an extra blanket of security you can use the Find my iPhone app to wipe all data from your handset to ensure it can’t be compromised.

Do you like the idea of Apple Pay?

Should you ditch your wallet for the iPhone?

With a feature like Apple Pay, it certainly makes the future of our cards a lot less fruitful, but for now it’s an untested and new form of payment.

It’s incredibly exciting and seems a whole lot easier than shuffling around our pockets to find our bank card, but we wouldn’t recommend ditching your wallet just yet.

Give it a few more years and we may be backtracking over this judgement, but for now it’s looking like a great new way to pay, but not one which will make our wallets and purses completely redundant just yet!

Apple Pay will be available on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from October, with the Apple Watch receiving it upon its release at the beginning of 2015. The service is currently set-up in the USA, but international markets should be receiving the feature by the beginning of next year.

What are your thoughts on Apple Pay? Do you think it will be a game changer? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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