Why is the World Apple Obsessed?


One of the biggest companies on the planet, Apple has brought technological simplicity to millions with its array of Macs, iPods and iPhones. In fact, it’s been dominance from Apple since the early noughties on the mobile market.

But how has Apple brought this curtain of success down onto the planet? It’s quickly become a much-loved mobile and technological superpower; can it continue to go from strength to strength?

The Beginnings of Apple

Say hello to the first Apple computer!

You wouldn’t have guessed that a technology company named after a fruit would be a success back in the early 70s, but then it wasn’t until 1976 that the oddly named company made an appearance.

Established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, the company began selling computers which were hand made by Wozniak. By the mid-80s, Apple had begun launching its now famous Macintosh computers, and was quickly making a name for itself as one of the leading technological companies in the business.

However, Apple did face its struggles, with creative direction being questioned internally. It was back on the trail to success by the early noughties however, launching the first of its iPod devices – targeting the mobile media market.

Quickly becoming a cult handset, the iPod has since sold upward of 350m units, and is still the leading name when thinking about mobile music players. However, this proved just the beginning of Apple’s portable success…

Enter the iPhone!

Is the iPhone the best Apple's given us?

Introduced in 2007, the iPhone was finally brought onto the market after a frenzy of speculation surrounding Apple’s next major move, and it lived up to the hype.

Despite lacking 3G connectivity and a physical keyboard, the first iPhone was truly a thing of beauty, bringing one of the most user-friendly designs onto the market alongside a brand new operating system.

Rocking 4GB or 8GB and a 3.5” screen, mobile phone fans were coming to terms with one of the new boys on the block, and it didn’t fail to impress the masses. Fans worldwide were drooling over the latest piece of Apple technology, and more was to follow.

At the time of writing, 10 iPhones have graced the market with their influential design and intricately build chassis. Throughout this we’ve also been gifted the larger iPad and the brand new Apple Watch, two more devices that Apple has used to generate an even bigger name for itself on the technology market.

But what’s made the iPhone such a success?

Apple Design

One of the biggest selling points for the iPhone has been the ever classy design which makes its way into every single release of the handset. Bringing a simple and beautiful look to a willing fan base, Apple has quickly become a target for other smartphone manufacturers to aspire to.

Other companies have attempted to emulate the brilliance of Apple’s work, and have seen success to a point, but few handsets have quite managed to match the iPhone punch for punch…


Say what you want about the design of the iPhone, but you won’t find too many operating systems capable of taking on iOS effectively at the moment.

Only Windows Phone and Android have had a real go, with Google’s efforts proving the closes match, but for smartphone fans across the globe it seems iOS wins out. It continues Apple’s simplistic mantra with a user-friendly style which has proven to be a real success, whilst extra features also make the system attractive for tech heads as well.


Touch ID, Siri, FaceTime… You can’t say that Apple hasn’t been a key instrument in the innovation of our smartphones, can you?

Everything about iPhone absolutely screams innovation, whether it’s throwing a fingerprint scanner onto our phones, or helping us out with a personal assistant, the iPhone is a leading figure of development. This certainly isn’t something that’s frowned upon in any circles, so whether you’re a fan or not, you have to respect the iPhone’s success.

The Future of Apple

What is the future for Apple?

Apple has already sounded a warning to its competitors about the future. After years of success on the smartphone market and the tablet front, it’s wearables where Apple sees its next success coming from.

It might not be perfect just yet, but it’s already taken fans by storm, bringing one of the best designed pieces of kit onto the market, and adding Apple’s ever expanding array of features as well it seems that the future is bright for the company.

On top of this, the next iPhone entrant isn’t looking too shabby either. Not bad for a company named after a fruit…

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Written by Luke Hatfield