Will Apple launch an iPhone 6c?

iPhone 6c green

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There is plenty of speculation about Apple’s next move in the iPhone series of smartphones and there are many unanswered questions including; will Apple launch an iPhone 6c

iPhone 6c?

Last time around Apple made a double release with the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5s was the high specification phone we expected to see but this was joined by a more budget friendly and youth orientated iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5c green

iPhone 5c green

If we are to see another duo of iPhone 6 phones then we can expect to see a few differences in key areas. If we take a look at the differences between the iPhone 5 models then we should expect to see the following on an iPhone 6c:

  • A plastic casing in a choice of vibrant colours
  • A weight that could be up to 20 grams heavier than the iPhone 6s
  • A choice of memory options possibly starting as low as 8GB
  • Triple-core graphics as opposed to quad-core on the iPhone 6s
  • A slightly less powerful battery compared to the Apple 6s

There will however be many similarities to celebrate between the iPhone 6 and 6c and if history repeats itself and the rumours of the iPhone 6 are correct then these may include:

  • A 12 or 13 megapixels camera with an improved light sensor for nighttime shots. We should also expect to see re-focusable light-field technology for post processing pictures
  • Eye tracking technology similar to that on the Samsung Galaxy S5
  • The new version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 8
  • A large 4.7 inch Retina+ screen with full HD 1080p

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Was the iPhone 5c successful?

The answer to this question could very well drive Apple’s desire or lack-of to produce an iPhone 6c.

iPhone 5c pink

iPhone 5c pink

Sales of the iPhone 5s massively outstripped those of the iPhone 5c and as most Apple fans are used to buying only top-end devices, this result is no revelation.

Having said this the sales of the 5c have been consistent and measurable. We should maybe consider that these sales are not likely to have originated from customers who may have bought an iPhone 5s if there was no 5c.

It is more likely that these sales have been generated by opening up the iPhone market to younger consumers and those searching for a more budget friendly device.

Here is how the costing breaks down:

Model Pay as you go Contract
iPhone 5s £519.99 from £29pm
iPhone 5c £439.99 from £21pm
Price difference  £80 £8pm or £192 over 24 months

There is one other point that Apple should be debating when considering a future dual release of the iPhone 6. The Apple iPhone 4s is still selling by the bucket load and when stocks of this handset cease to be replenished the logical replacement would be the Apple iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5c blue

iPhone 5c blue

If Apple fails to plan for the future and no iPhone 6c is forthcoming then this could be a costly mistake which will alienate the rather large market of deal seekers who pounce on the opportunity to buy superceded smartphones.

iPhone 6c release date

To be honest we don’t know when we will see the iPhone 6 series released but we do expect it to be sometime between June and September 2014.

If the iPhone 6c becomes a reality we will likely see the two phones announced together, although we would expect to see stock availability of the two phones separated by at least a week.

iPhone 5c white

iPhone 5c white

Do you think Apple will launch an iPhone 6c?

Written by: Michael Brown

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